Letter to Me;

June 30, 2011

Last summer I went to Governor's School and before we left we were advised to write a future letter to ourself. Our instructor kept them and said he'd mail them off to us sometime in July before we go off to college the next year. A few days ago, I got the letter I wrote to myself.

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"Okay, where to begin? Today is 7/9/10 and you're going to be spending a good portion of tonight packing up your dorm. If it's summer now in 2011, you've seen both Harry Potter 7 movies (and cried), you know what college you'll be attending (and are packing for another dorm), Jack will be almost two, and you will be a graduate. Coming upon this Senior Year is scary. Things are changing so fast.

This AGS experience has been one of the best things to happen to you. It's been enlightening. Everyone is so accepting. You learned so much. You met so many people. You never feel left out. People like being around you, they say 'hi' in the lunch line, you play a lot ERS (even though you kinda suck), and everything feels exceptionally right. Going back to regular high school will be like going back into the cave (Allegory of the Cave). You actually feel like a leader. You feel content with life and ahead of the curve. The prospect of future is scary. Change is certain, but you're actually excited and prepared. You miss home, but really don't want to leave.  I hope you lived it up Senior Year.

Callie and I have been talking recently about how fast things change. By the time this letter gets to you I could be pregnant and engaged. I'm sure I won't be...well, I better NOT be (or I'll have to kick your ass), but I'm sure some of your classmates probably will be. Right now you're unsure if you want to major in English or Graphic Design. I know you'll choose what's right though.

Gawd, you don't want to leave. Others won't understand how different you really are. Tonight is the final mixer and tomorrow you are going to work up the nerve to choose paint colors for your room. Oh, and if you haven't done this in awhile, please go look at your writing. Please tell me you finished 'Mary Opal.' Whenever I get home tomorrow you will start writing an AGS novella. Yes, you will. Keep blogging, it keeps you sane. Don't give up. You're really becoming a lot more mature nowadays. With indie/alternative music as the soundtrack to your life: go get 'em. Don't let Stew or school or people get the best of you.

Gah, there is so much to say. This summer has been so memorable. You're special and your talents are appreciated. Next weekend I'm planning to go to Fayetteville to take a tour of U of A and you're going to see Vasu, Chesley, and Casey. They are so like you. Please tell me you've kept in touch. If not, Facebook them right this minute. Oh, and don't forget to ask Melton and your other AGS teachers to be references. Be smart. Don't fuck up college. You're above that. You're smart and strong. Pursue what you want, but be smart. Like Dad says, "It's all about the grind." Get past the grind. 

Time is precious so please live it up. Be assertive, be open to new things and people. If you haven't done it in awhile...meditate. Hopefully you still have Jim Rush's meditation on your iPod. You have an amazing taste in music (don't forget it and don't let the hipsters corrupt you). Always be inspired. Use your intuition. Be intuitive. When you get stressed take a step back. Use your common sense. Be patient (because I know you're not). If you have a boyfriend be kind not clingy. Don't ditch your friends and remember to always be loyal. Loyalty, your word, and trust are essential. 

Take lots of pictures. Write. Read for fun. Take opportunities and be grateful for everything. Are you still forgetful/unobservant? I'm sure you are. You've probably forgotten all about this letter...Hmmm. Don't forget to remember these few things: Callie, gay clubs, maxing out at 124 down the road, hit and runs, the Big Dam Bridge, invest in charcoal, the world cup, Tami Fukui, Josh Hotz, Zach B, The WAC, writing poetry in the Pecan Court, the forgotten room under staples, SLTC, Galloway parties, ERS, investing in a watch, and ELA."

17 Year Old, Future High School Senior Ashlee

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  1. what a beautiful letter! also add that time flies! i just graduated college and would do anything to go back!


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