Tea Talk .004

It's been a hot second since we've done a Tea Talk! Since it's Monday I thought it'd be perfect for a little chit-chat + life update. This week we're chatting about DL's new look, how post grad life is going, and a few of my favorite things (including a foundation, a celeb couple, and a some rad art prints!). So, why don't you grab a beverage and join me? I'm currently sipping on green tea with one cream and one sugar.

Dearie Lovie Got a Face-Lift!
First things first, DL got a new look and I'm loving it. It's been far too long since I've had a cohesive look going on and this blog has been sitting in a weird minimalistic limbo for more months than I'd care to admit. Through much experimentation and the many looks my blog has gone through I've learned a lot about my style. I love minimalism, but all that white space always feels inspiring when others do it and just plain empty when I do it. Anyone else feel the struggle?

I also love highly decorative and elaborate blog designs, but couldn't settle on a motif that wasn't simultaneously classic, cliche, and just plain tired. I love bright colors, but can never seem to settle on a bold color I won't tire of after 5 minutes. For the majority of the time this blog has seen a neutral palette consisting of soft grays and muted blues. When I saw this design and it's color scheme I was doubly sold.

You'd think since I design for a living, I could design a kick-ass space for myself, but designing for yourself is hard. It's hard to fully represent every version of who you are in design sometimes. Also, it's hard to just pick one vibe to portray (aka just one face) to show the world. So, this time I sought someone else's work. After many months of off and on searching I think I found a template that fits me and the vibe of my blog. I think it's versatile and could stand the test of time...maybe not forever, but for awhile.

So, how about we cheers to a little change?

*clinks tea mug to yours*

A Little Life Update
How has life been going? Well, it's been going that's for sure. I'm basically two months post grad and trying to stay afloat in the real world. I don't think I've been doing too shabby, but my eyes have definitely been opened to a whole new realm of stress that exceeds the likes of academia.

I've been designing full time, working two different jobs. Both jobs have been great learning experiences. One is a local start-up and the other is more corporate in nature. It's great getting to experience two very different ends of the spectrum. Of course there are pros and cons to both, but I just consider myself lucky to be able to draw a paycheck doing a job I actually like in a town I want to be in. I'm very fortunate.

Last month I moved in with my boyfriend. Those are words I'd never thought I'd say...not because I never thought I'd move in with him, but because things are crazy and if you would have asked me last year if I'd be where I am today I would've completely scoffed. Life moves so quickly and takes so many unexpected turns. I could've never predicted a year ago that I'd even have a boyfriend, let alone move in with one! Though I was sad to leave my perfect little apartment, one I'll always cherish for housing my single soul and proving I could indeed live alone and be sufficient, I'm happy to explore the newness of living with a significant other. There have been lots of silly little things to overcome (my couch is more aesthetically pleasing, his is more functional - whose stays?), but there's also been a lot of good to enjoy too (getting to spend so much time everyday with your best friend).

Girl, Check This Out!

  1. In guilty pleasure news: I've been totally crushing on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris's romance via Instagram. Aren't they the cutest?
  2. Pixi by Petra's H20 Skin Tint (in Nude) has been the best summer makeup purchase by far. Totally gives me that no-makeup-makeup look, it's light on the skin, and I can buy it at Target. So much win in one bottle.
  3. Buying this and this for my "getting ready" space for sure! They're effortlessly cool and at $4, a total steal. #babevibes
  4. Loving the phrase "macro-dream, micro-accomplish" as seen on The Nectar Collective recently.

Since we're done chatting about me, what's new with you? Let me know!

3 Quick Tips On How to "Unplug" Daily Like a Real Person

When I think about the concept of "unplugging," I think turning off my phone, leaving it at home, and going toward nature. Unfortunately, being completely and totally unplugged isn't necessarily a real option we get to implement every day. Yet, I, like so many others crave to experience moments each day that are decisively lacking in technology. The question is how do we do that? How do we unplug each day? More so, how do we unplug each day without condemning our technology, but rather embracing our habits toward it in small, significant ways?

We've all been that person and by that person, I mean the person glued to the screen of one device or another, just one notification away from losing our minds. Am I right? 

Between computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and even our watches we live an era where technology has truly taken over every facet of our life in some way or another. We cycle from screen to screen all day (or at least I do) trading out the screen of my laptop during the workday for the screen of my iPhone during my lunch break and then the screen of a TV when I get home. As amazing as technology is, it can feel hard to take a few steps back and just stop for a second.

I found myself in the same position as so many others, truly desperate to find a way to unplug, but completely not connecting with most of the modern advice out there about going on a digital diet. Most advice or articles I stumbled upon, I found either too extreme or too impractical. The extreme side usually contained articles with the headline reading something like, "This woman ditched the internet for an entire year! Here's what she's learned and here's how you can do it too." Uhm, I'm looking to learn how to ditch the internet for an entire lunch break, not an entire year. Find me a modern woman who resisted a scroll on social media during their lunch hour because that's who I want to talk to.

The too impractical side usually contained advice like, "Leave your phone in another room while you sleep at night." Though not bad advice, that concept seemed ridiculous to me. Leave my phone in entirely other room to charge? Are you insane? Since I use my phone as an alarm clock and just generally like the safety of knowing it is close by (call it phone-related millennial anxiety, whatever), I didn't think I could realistically leave my phone out of reach overnight unless I was on vacation. 

I wanted small, tangible ways I could reduce my daily technology intake like a real person with a real life. I wanted to discover little ways to slowly change my tech habits and to truly embrace methods of daily unplugging. Here's what I've come up with.

No Phone During Meal Time
Meal time is a sacred time. I know it’s hard to resist scrolling on social media or sending a quick text during meal time while you wait for food or during conversational down time (especially if it’s dinner and you’ve been away from your phone during most of the work day). However, meal time is when you should be connecting with whoever you’re sharing your meal with. By being distracted at the table by your phone or tablet, you send the message that the person you’re with is unimportant or at least less important than your phone. Putting human interaction at the forefront of meal time is never a bad idea whether it be with family, friends, or co-workers. Even if you aren’t with any company, try thinking about meal time as an opportunity for some valuable “me” time at the beginning of, in the middle of, or after a long day. Remember to just sit and savor your food and enjoy the quiet you don’t often get to indulge in.

My boyfriend and I try to keep our phones out of the equation during meal time. Some days it works better than others. If we decide to allow the phones, we both make the choice to get on simultaneously so one of us doesn’t feel ignored or unimportant. It usually leads off with him saying, “I have to make this business deal happen. I’m going to send some money via Paypal and be right off.” I understand this and take the time he needs to do a quick task as a chance to check notifications, send a text, or give social media a quick scroll. Once he’s done, we’re both done, the phones get put away again, and life goes on.

Also, if you’re out with a group of friends try making a pile of everyone’s phones in the middle of the table where you’re eating. Everyone’s phone is in view (eliminating that anxiety of not having your phone) and everyone feels like they’re making a collective choice to forgo phones in order to spend quality time conversing with the group. Put the phones face down so no one is tempted to grab their phone at the first sign of a notification. 

Create Intention by Logging Out of Apps
First things first, I’m not telling you to quit using your apps. We’re modern people who curate the apps on our phones like we do art on our walls - with considerable and selective efforts. We search for those valuable apps that offer us both form and functionality. Few apps make the cut and those that do get used with high frequency. However, apps tend to be the most distracting thing on our phones; more than email and more so than texts even. I constantly am mind-numbingly checking my apps and social media feeds throughout the day, often time without intention, in the gaps of time where something better isn’t directly calling for my attention. Apps can be huge time wasters and productivity suckers, but on the flip side they can be happiness-bringers, business boosters, and social connectors. So, how do we "unplug" from our apps without going entire cold turkey? Try logging out.

Sure, it’s a pain to log in and out every time you use an app, but I think this extra step can create the intentional time and use behind the apps we love so desperately on our phones. Think about it, would you check Instagram nearly as often if you had to log in each time you wanted to take a quick skim through your feed or to check every little notification that popped up? No, certainly not!

By logging out, I believe you will check your feed less. When you do check your feed, you will do so with more intention. You will seek out the content you truly want to imbibe instead of letting yourself be inundated by masses of visual data and information repeatedly during your day. Also, you will post more meaningful, intentional content because you’ve most likely had longer to sit on an idea instead of easily opening your app of choice and writing or posting whatever thought or photo comes to you in the moment. We've all been there, no worries.

TV Before Bed, Here’s What You Can Do
I’ll tell the truth – I’m an avid TV before bed kinda gal. Who doesn’t love crawling into bed and putting on their favorite mindless white noise sort of show (for me, it’s How I Met Your Mother)? I know there have been studies on studies that support the fact that sleeping with the TV on is all sorts of bad for our sleep cycle due to all the light and noise. Since our sleeping effects our day to day quality of life and our health longterm that’s kind of a big deal, right? 

Those studies extoll the virtues of unplugging at least an hour before bed for the most restful, unplugged sleep of your life. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve unplugged myself from the TV with great success at night. My sleep is deeper and my dreams are richer, and yes, I daresay, I do feel slightly more rested in the morning.There’s no question that this is probably the best advice out there.

However, as nice as unplugging an hour before bed would be, it’s just not a reality for me on most nights. So, if you’re like me and can’t seem to find the TV’s off-switch right before you tackle sleep, here are a few things you can do to unplug without sacrificing your TV time.

Turn down the brightness on your TV. Though it doesn’t totally alleviate the problem of light interfering with our quality of sleep, it does help to an extent. Turning down the brightness to the lowest setting on your TV can help you get into a sleepy mindset.

Set your sleep timer nightly and for the same amount of time. As soon as you get in bed, set the sleep timer. I set mine for 30-60 mins depending on how tired I am. This means the TV won’t be disruptive to your sleep all night long. In fact the majority of your night will be spent in the dark, quiet, totally TV-free. You’ll wake up feeling more rested than if you were to have let it stay on the entirety of the night.

If you like the TV for the extra light it provides at night, consider a small night light. If you like the TV for the white noise it provides consider light music, a sound machine, or guided meditation instead of the TV before bed (also set to a timer, so it isn’t running all night long).

9 Lipsticks I Love (and Would Repurchase)

I'll admit when it comes to beauty products that I claim as my favorites, usually lipsticks and glosses don't come to mind. Maybe it's because I find myself so overwhelmed when searching for lipstick. There are so many brands to choose from and a million different price points. There's lipstick that starts at 93 cents and lipstick that sky rockets into the $50 for a single tube range. There so many colors across the millions of brands out there. What colors can I pull off? What colors do I need? Is every lip color in the world pink or just some variation? Isn't there a dupe of this expense shade somewhere in the drugstore shelves? Also, there's only so much swatching you can do before it gets old and everything starts blurring together.

However, despite all that, today I wanted to chat about my go-to lipsticks, balms, and glosses. I'll admit lip products are not my strong suit so I don't bring you this post through the eyes of lipstick literate beauty insider. Instead, I bring you this post more as a place to document every lip product that I could call to mind that I would buy again or have repurchased on many accounts.


Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipstick in Are You Red-dy?
This is my tried and true bright red. It's classically colored, fabulously pigmented and stays all day. So many sorority sisters of mine have sported this lush color for many an evening out. I've bought over two tubes of this lipstick and will continue to repurchase for the forseeable future. It may be the only lipstick I've ever truly finished. You can see me wearing it here.

Rimmel by Kate Moss #107
This one was recommended by my former roommate far before I heard Zoella raving about it on Youtube. I bought this during the fall when dark burgundy or "wine" colored lips were in. Perfect for fall and date night, this lipstick is highly pigmented. The color is amazing and it smells quite nice as well. This is my ideal dark red colored lipstick. It runs on the cheaper side so it is a great lipstick for those that want to try a darker look for less (like I did!).

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Tease
This is a mix between an orange a red. It favors more orangey though. It's perfect for summer and pops just the right amount. This balm in on the shinier side and you can build up the color. It's plenty moisturizing and also at a really great price point. Would definitely repurchase and would buy other colors from the range. I did my first vlog last spring sporting this bright orange balm. So on that note, see me wearing it here.

Fresh's Sugar Balm Lip Treatment SPF15 in Rose
I've bought so many tubes of this stuff and it never gets old. Though it's not exceptionally pigmented (it's not exactly meant to be), this Rose color gives the "your lips, but better look." It looks natural, has the perfect amount of SPF for your lips for day-to-day wear, and just wears so well. Throw this on a no makeup makeup day, at school, at the beach, or just about anywhere else. Would recommend a thousand times over.


Lipstick Queen in St. Nude
This lipstick was a reject from one of my Mom's latest beauty buying sprees. She decided the color was a bit too orangey on her. The lipstick does have some subtle coral undertones. However, when I wear it the lipstick comes out more nudeish. It's a great lip color for everyday wear and I've been wearing it quite frequently. It goes on silky smooth and the texture is amazing on the lips. I'd never heard of Lipstick Queen before this tube, but now I'm itching to try more of their shades. It's one of those lipsticks you put on when you want something on your lips, but you're not quite sure what lipstick to wear (which is quite often for me). You can see me sporting it here.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Walkyrie
Okay, I haven't actually purchased this one but I want to and would in a heart beat. Every time I see my mother I go for this shade of hers. It's brownish, pinkish, nude. It's one of those shades that is so hard to justify when you look at the tube. However, the second it's on your lips you're just like yes. Something just works with this one and it's definitely on my next to purchase list.


Tarte Lip Surgence Skintuitive Lip Tint
This one is a fun one because it appears slightly different on each person. Based on your pH, this "intuitive" lip tint paints your pout with the perfect shade of pink. The lip tint wears like a cross between a balm and lipstick. It's easy to apply, moisturizing on the lips, and is amazingly pigmented. This one had all my friends and my mom wanting to give it a go. It's kind of a no-brainer, no-fuss sort of beauty product (my favorite kind) that seems to get it right every time. Have repurchased and would repurchase again.

L'Oreal ColorRiche Lip Balm in Caring Coral
I know the name is "Caring Coral," but I swear this wears more pink on me than anything. This color is perfect for everyday wear. It feels super moisturizing on the lips and wears like a dream. It stays longer than you'd expect it to and has garnered a bit of a drugstore beauty cult following. I have nothing but good things to say about this balm. It's perfect for everyday and I think it'd be especially perfect for a first date or family outing. It's subtle, pretty, and decently long wearing. For the price point, this balm is a winner.

Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipstick in Blissful Berry
I usually don't go for many purple based colors, but I had to find a go-to berry color for fall and I think this is my perfect fit. Obviously there's something I really like about Maybelline's ColorSensational line of lipsticks because two made the list. The lipstick goes on well, lasts a long time, and the color is nice. You can see my wearing my perfect shade of berry here.

What lipsticks, tints, balms, or glosses are your favorite? Let me know colors and brands because I'm always on the hunt for new holy grail lipstick!

See something you love up there? You can shop this post below:

Currently - June

Here's what I've been up to this month...

Eating: PB&J's. I don't know what it is about this simple, elementary school favorite that has me swooning exactly. All I do know is that it is the perfect snack morning, noon, or night. I find myself craving this sweet sandwich almost daily and packing it for lunch often.

Wanting: to try Glossier products, to get new sheets, buy new lipstick, an extra day during the weekend (because two just isn't enough), and to try this local food truck that specializes in cookies and ice-cream!

Drinking: Lots and lots of water. My boyfriend naturally drinks the most amount of water I've ever seen of a human being. After a few months, his good habits have rubbed off on me on I find myself drinking water around the clock. At home we invested in tall glasses to aid our water consumption and minimize refilling. I also invested in a really good water bottle that I take to work and refill several times throughout the day. I've noticed such a boost in energy and my skin is looking better than ever.

Watching: The latest season of Orange is the New Black (obviously) and I'm going to be starting the latest season of Game of Thrones. I decided not to keep up watching it from week to week, so now I have a whole glorious season to binge watch over the weekend. P.S. I just went and saw Jurassic World and had my mind blown. Totally worth the hour long wait and definitely lived up to the hype. It may not be the most "deep" movie I've ever seen, but it was entertaining as all get out.

Reading: The Cross Roads of Should and Must by Elle Luna and I'm about to start A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.  Audiobook wise, I'm listening to Gone With The Wind and the Harry Potter Series (again).

Listening To: Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon, the Deep Focus playlist while at work, and in the car I'm still jamming out to Taylor Swift radio on Pandora.

Wearing: I've been sticking to lots of basics lately. They've been my saving grace as I've entered the working world since my "professional wardrobe" is right laughable. Lightweight black and white tops from Gap, solid colored v-necks from Old Navy, skinny jeans, stripped jersey dresses, and chambray shirts have all been saving graces! Also, my Birkinstocks have made a distinct comeback.

Working On: Keeping my head above water on work projects, staying positive, working out more, being more sensitive to those around me, finding time out of the day to carve out something personal and intentional, and not losing touch with myself.

Looking Forward To: The weekend, seeing my family, road trips, date nights, posting something I'm writing about how to unplug like a normal person, and generally the future as a whole.

Loving: Bright colors, this blog, outfit basics, this instagram feed, taking Barre classes, writing, and this online magazine.

What have you been up to currently? I'd love to know!
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