Ask Me Anything: A Call for Questions!

Hey guys, I've talked briefly about my goals to get more comfortable on video so that I can add the occasional supplementary content to this blog! I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles on camera to come across natural, but this year I'd love it if I could get a bit more practice in. How fun would it be to share recipes and tutorials in the future? I know I'd love to work on developing some awesome content like that! I even got a tripod for Christmas (a long overdue investment) and some higher quality SD cards.

I thought it might be good practice in front of the camera if I did a simple, straightforward Q&A video based on reader questions.

So is there anything you'd like to know or ask me about? It can be about my life at college, beauty products, things I'm loving, about my adorable 5 year old brother Jack, or whatever else your little heart desires. I'm pretty open, so feel free to ask me anything and hopefully I'll be able to get enough responses to make a tiny little video answering some of y'all's questions.

Leave them below in the comment section or feel free to ask me via any of my social media!


Tea Talk .002

Hey guys, I'm so excited to back this week with another round of Tea Talk! If you're not sure what Tea Talk is then you can definitely refer to this post. This week I'm excited to chat with you  about some awesome ideas I've had for the blog, my recent hair cut, Netflix fave, and so much more. This week I'm curled up with some green tea. So, curl up with your hot beverage of choice and let's chat.

Happy Link-up Idea

I've been toying with the idea of starting a link-up here on the blog for a good while now and I finally have the time this winter break to make it come to fruition. It could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. I haven't decided which would be the best fit for it yet. However, it centers around something I used to do every week during high school and the early parts of college. When I was going through a really rough time (which felt like all the time back then), I would force myself to write out a list entitled "Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy" and on the back I'd write an opposing list entitled "Things That Piss Me off." I'd date each list and for the entire week I'd add to both sides of the piece of paper, recording the small and large things that made me happy or cranky.

It was always so nice to look  back at the end of the week at all of the wonderful things that made me happy. Somehow the good always outweighed the bad at the end too. It was the perfect place to record and vent. I'd love to bring this same concept of recording of our happiness regularly to a link-up.

You'd share your own ridiculously happy list on your blog in a post and link it up here. Then we could visit each other's lists and add even more encouragement! Would any of y'all be excited to join this little link up? Also, would this be best done weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? Let me know your thoughts!

A Little Life Update

Where to start? I finished up classes and though I'm relieved, I'm also terrified knowing that I'm about to go into my last and final semester as an undergrad! This winter break already feels crazy short and in just a few short days I'll be heading back to Fayetteville to embark on my last semester and a new internship position. My days will be busier than ever and with all these new things comes a new set of fears. Transitioning from undergrad to real life adult is a daunting thought I can barely begin to wrap my head around.

This winter break I'm hoping to really soak in as much family time (especially with Jack) as possible. I'm hoping to work on a few project ideas and update a few things here on the blog and personal portfolio website. It's time to really start thinking of solid goals for 2015 too!

P.S. - I got my hair done and it's well...not great. Hopefully, I can get it fixed soon. Remind me to never go to anyone except my normal girl every again.

Girl, Check This Out
  • This clock is the coolest (turns time into its hexadecimal color equivalent)
  • Recently bought this concealer and it's magic!
  • Just watched the entirety of Freaks and Geeks last week and loved it (perfect for anyone wanting to watch a young James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel act together).
  • On repeat: Ed Sheeran's U.N.I and Taylor Swift's Blank Space

2014, A Year in Review

First off, Happy 2015! I can already feel in my soul that this year is going to be a good one. I've enjoyed taking some time off to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends and am thrilled to be back on the blogging grind. 2014 was a year for so much growth and learning. However, before we move on to goals, resolutions, and hopes for the new year I thought it might be fun to look at what happened on the blog in 2014.

So, in 2014 I...

  • Began to post my Weekly Wishes on the regular (here)
  • Donned a lot of awesome outfits:
    • Neutrals (here)
    • Spring State of Mind (here)
    • Basics (here)
    • Spring-Breaking (here)
    • Le Carnaval des Couleurs (here)
    • Kimono + Bright Shorts (here)
  • Shared a lot of mood boards and pinspiration:
    • Candy Coated (here)
    • Apartment Inspiration (here)
    • Mint + Orange (here)
    • Pink & Poetic (here)
    • Raspberry + Lemon (here)
    • Cozy Transitional (here)
    • Festive: 3 Ways! (here)
  • Unveiled my resume (here)
  • Had my first guest poster, Jess, on the blog! (here)
  • And guest posted for the first time on someone else's blog (here)
  • Turned 21 (here)
  • Caught the feels (here) (here)
  • Waxed poetic on things I'm bad at (here) and things I wish weren't so good at (here)
  • Collaborated with some awesome brands for campaign posts such as:
  • Shared what was in my bag via my first vlog! (here)
  • Took my first summer course over American Landscape Painting (here)
  • Went on the most amazing last minute summer adventure (here) (here
  • Lost my dream apartment and then found an even better one (here)
  • Shared some recipes:
    • Go-to Berry Vanilla Smoothie (here)
    • Easy Apple Crisp (here)
  • Shared some college knowledge (here) and some sorority knowledge (here)
  • Broke down Finals Week by the #'s (here) & (here)
  • Dealt with half of my face swelling 2-3x it's normal size (here)
  • Started a DL Instagram (here)
  • Extolled the virtues of living alone (here) (here), while talking about the concept of home (here)
  • Got an amazing internship offer for the spring semester (here)

What are some of the things you accomplished in 2014 and what are some things you're hoping to accomplish in 2015? Let me know!

Mood Board: Festive 3 Ways!

Can you believe Christmas is only 5 days away?! That's insane! Maybe it's because this semester has felt extra long, but I haven't really been able to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Sure, we decorated the tree and I've been listening to Christmas music since November 5th, but now that it's nearly here I feel like I haven't been given enough time to adjust to the holiday season.

That doesn't mean I haven't been pin-spired by all the amazing Christmas DIY's and imagery floating around out there. Each row of this mood fulfills and channels a different type of festive vibe. The first row is what I like to call "Colorful Contemporary Christmas." It's all about bright colors and unique shapes. It has more of a DIY sort of feel and is not afraid of being bold. The second row is, "Metallic Modern." Metallic Modern incorporates silver and all things glitzy and glamorous. It's modern, yet polished. Lastly, the third row is "Classic Christmas!" Classic Christmas honors time old tradition and staples. Imagine lots of greens, reds, wreaths, and cookies. It's a Christmas that never goes out of style.

I love all of these different looks so much, but I'm particularly fond of the first and second row. At the same time, who doesn't like that traditional Christmas feel? So hard to choose!

Which row is your favorite? Let me know!

P.S. - what vibe do you channel into your holiday decor this time of year?