The World Needs More Airheads // My Airhead Moments

(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions/shared moments are 100% my own. Even if I weren't promoting this campaign, I'm absolutely certain my friends could verify me as the perfect fit to enter something like this, haha!)

Hey all! How is this Tuesday treating you? Today, I'm here to talk to you about my many airhead moments, goodness knows there is a ton, and to share a really awesome/exciting opportunity being offered by Airheads Candy! Woohoo! Alright, let's get this post party started!

We're all familiar with Airheads Candy, yes? If you just answered no...who even were you in middle school? Probably not someone I was friends with! On a serious note though, if you were living under a rock during your adolescence, Airheads are a delicious candy with a chewy texture and a delicious tangy fruit flavor! It was one of my favorite treats growing up. The cherry flavored ones were a total staple in my lunchbox as a kid. Now, we keep them in my sorority house and have become a staple in my finals week diet as a college student. They're still just delicious as ever, by the way. 

Airheads Candy has recently launched a campaign entitled "The World Needs More Airheads" which is highlighting and celebrating the real life moments and mishaps that make us all laugh. They're extending the call to fans to share their own unpredictably awesome moments of pure airheadedness for the chance to be featured in future advertising and I'm going to share with you the simple way you can enter below! 

But first, here are some of my own airhead moments: 

  • Fall of sophomore year, on the first day of school, I was running late and couldn't find a place to park on campus (because it was the first day of school and everyone tries to be a novel student for at least the first 24 hours of a new semester). I finally gave up on finding free parking and pulled into a metered spot. I got out of my car and set my phone on the hood of car while I fumbled for change for the meter, only to discover that of course, the meter was broken. Frustrated, I shoved all of my change back into my wallet and angrily got back into my car and drove away. Yep, I drove away with my phone still on the hood of my car and didn't realize until nearly ten minutes later. I came back and scoured the scene of one of my most airheaded moments to date for over an hour. I never found my phone, which was donning a brand new case I had paid for literally just a few fays before and missed all of my classes that first day of school.
  • A few weeks ago, I went to my normal tanning salon. I went to the front desk and told them how long I wanted to go. The girl behind the counter told me my room number - #14 while I fished for a tanning sticker. I found my normal one and proceeded to my room as usual. I went in, disrobed, and went about applying my lotion. Then suddenly, the door swung open (the one time I didn't lock the door!) and another college aged girl accidentally saw everything. After brief apologizes on both ends, I was so embarrassed, that I dressed haphazardly and then went back to the front desk convinced the other girl had been in the wrong. Apparently, I was the one in the wrong. My room number had been 17, not 14 and had just misheard her. Whoops. 
  • Spring semester of sophomore year, I lost another phone. I had been doing school work and lounging around on my bed for most of the day. I decided I would be productive and do some laundry. I bundled up my sheets and comforter in one big heap and piled them into the wash. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I realized my phone was nowhere to be found. Where had I last seen it? On my bed. GULP. I rushed to the washer, which was entirely full of water at this point. I fished around, not feeling it at first, until I felt my phone. It had been submerged for over five minutes. Now every time I do laundry, I do a phone check first. 
  • The dent/long scratch on the side of my car may or may not be a result of accidentally clipping a decorative boulder outside a restaurant after finals last week. After an incident free semester, automobile wise, I managed to completely deface one side of my car a mere few hours before going home for break. *facepalm*
Can anyone relate to these airhead moments? I have so many more, but I thought those were a good taste of my mishaps without being too incriminating or too mundane. I mean, everyone already knows that I trip/fall down/spill things on myself almost daily. Haha. I'm not known for my grace, people!

Interested in sharing your everyday airhead moments big or small?

To kick off the campaign, Airheads Candy has scoured the online universe and partnered with the funniest Vine stars to capture their airhead moments for use in the initial commercial spots.  Fans who want to get famous and be included in future advertising are being asked to submit a video of their own little oops, a hilarious screw-up or an amazingly airheaded idea on the campaign Tumblr page. All videos submitted that capture the joys of true airheadedness will also be featured on the site. 

The top three videos will be used in upcoming TV commercials (how cool is that?)! Videos can either be pre-captured gems that have yet to be shared with the world (now you know what to do with all those hilarious videos you keep on your phone/your friends phones) or newly created greatness. The top three will be selected and used in upcoming TV commercials with others featured in mobile and online advertising beginning in June! 

How to Enter:
1) Create or upload an Instagram Video, Vine, or YouTube video of your airhead moment.
2) Hashtag with #AirheadsNeeded
3) Visit Airheads Tumblr and upload your video to enter to win: http://goo.gl/kYKoB1

So, tell me, what are some of your airheaded moments?



Weekly Wishes .011

(a little reading and a lot of Lara bars last week)

This Week's Wishes

  1. Get Organized: Time to plan out the rest of the month and make a giant to-do! I love getting things organized after they've been kind of hectic and all over the place. Going to get my planner in order, utilize some new organizational apps, make lists, and just generally kick ass on getting myself together before finals gets any closer.
  2. Read Before Bed: With finals drawing ever nearer, it can be easy to fall into the trap of staying up past the bewitching hour each night either doing actual work or catching up on social media because you've spent the rest of the day doing actual work. This week I am to shut off the electronics and read until I get sleepy. I think it's just the thing I need.
  3. Do Some Prep Work: My one of my close friends from home is coming up this weekend to visit me and my friend Jenny for the first time! I need to do some prep work before he visits; things like planning where to eat and what stuff to do.Plus, I need to knock out school related tasks so I won't be distracted. I'm excited!
  4. Take a Photo Each Day: I don't take my camera with me nearly enough and I don't document daily life near enough. This week I'm challenging myself to take at least one photo a day (of anything!). Hopefully, I can share here next week!
  5. No eating out: Time to reign in the spending as a whole, really. This week I'm aiming to not eat out/spend any unnecessary cash until my friend comes in from out of town. Priorities! 

Last Week's Wishes

  • Be Present: Making a real effort to be present this week was amazing. I had my moments, but with this goal in mind I found myself coming back to my center and really focusing on the here and now. Refreshing and a little scary, but awesome too!
  • Get Ahead on Schoolwork: Done! I was thankful for this leisurely week. I got a few steps ahead on some school related things and made time to do so many amazing things with so many amazing people. Definitely the good kind of busy. My social life feels fuller than it has in awhile.
  • Read 3-5 Chapters of Me Before You by JoJo Moyes: I've only just managed to get in a chapter and half. So unlike me! Making it a goal to read before bed this week so that I can get back on track with this book.
  • Go to the Gym 3x: One time to the gym and one workout at home. Plus, I've so much time outside the past couple of days walking/running around/attending events due the nice weather. Not a total fail, right?
  • Launch a Mood Board (for a project I'm working on): Didn't get around to this, but have been gathering inspiration. Stay tuned.

What are your goals/wishes for this week? Let me know!


Recent Pinterest Likes // Fresh for Spring (Feminine Mint + Orange)

Don't you just love collecting your recently pinned images and likes and seeing how they all just kind of naturally go together? I do! I love how moments in my Pinterest boards can really reflect a trend, color, or idea I'm loving! Apparently, this month I'm obsessed with vibrant oranges and cool mints + blue hues. I also am crushing hard on apartment decor, fruit for spring, abstract painting, orange/coral colored lips and sweet feminine florals.

There's so many fresh things to love!

What have you been loving via Pinterest or in real life? Do you have any spring trends you'd like to try or any color crushes? Let me know!

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.005 - Pastel Dress
.007 - Grapefruit