5 Pinterest Accounts I'm Loving

(top left going across: Bekuh Browing, Laura Mazurek, My Newest Addiction, Urban Outfitters, & Moorea Seal)

Moorea Seal: With almost 1 million followers on Pinterest (craziness, right?!) and a successful online store turned real life brick and mortar store, if there's one lady you need to be following on Pinterest it's this one! Her Pinterest account is a shiny beacon of simplistic style and everyday awesomeness. I've repinned her posts the most out of anyone according to my own Pinterest profile.

Bekuh Browning: This lady runs a blog called Bekuh B, but it's her Pinterest account I'm mostly obsessed with. She pins things in a variety of awesome categories, but no matter what she's pinning it adheres to a style all her own. Her pins are usually inherently feminine, beautiful to look at, and artistically inclined. Her aesthetic is one I'm totally envious of. `

Laura Mazurek: Laura is the mind behind Roots and Feathers, the website and amazing etsy shop! Her Pinterest is just as envy inducing as any of the aforementioned outlets you can find her on. Her distinctly bohemian style is repeated in nearly all of her pins. She's definitely worth following if you'd like a lovely dose of magical style injected into your Pinterest feed!

Urban Outfitters: Also, on my most pinned list, the Urban Outfitters Pinterest board is full of slightly edgy, indie inclined eye candy. I mostly repin their unique, but smartly styled apartment centered images to my own Apartment Inspiration board. If you're into the Urban Outfitters aesthetic then this Pinterest board is definitely for you!

My Newest Addiction: This is a pretty new-to-me board, but I've loved following it. It's the Pinterest board associated with a website of the same name. Their pins are usually beauty/make-up related! Definitely worth following for the everyday girly girl or the resident makeup junkie in all of us.

What Pinterest accounts do you love following? Let me know! 

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Friday Links to Love

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been a good one in so many ways. This weekend I'll be continuing to pack up boxes for the move back to college in just two short weeks and spending lots of quality time with my family. Plus, I'll be preparing posts for next week! In the mean time, here are some things I've been loving around the web lately:
  • Loving these prints lovely from Odd Bits Etsy shop!
  • Loved learning Elsie's tricks for getting bright, awesome instagram pictures. 
  • Crushing on Free People's "cinematic straps" collection of bras right now!
  • Totally wanting this book to sit on my coffee table in my new apartment. Robert Frank's work makes me want to shoot film again.
  • Also, this set of four images would look great in my new apartment too!
  • This TED Talk from one of my favorite photographers, Olivia Bee, was extra inspiring to watch this week as I slowly transition back into a school/artistic mindset. Such great advice!
  • This kid dressed and posing like male fashion models made my heart melt! He's the cutest.
  • The second season of the weirdest show possibly ever, Hemlock Grove, is finally on Netflix. Anyone out there also watch?
  • Can't wait to download and experiment with the PartyParty App this weekend!
  • Dreamt about visiting NYC again as I watched Taza visit some of her favorite places in her latest installment of her New York City Guide!
  • P.S. - a guy I went to school with since kindergarten and subsequently graduated with is on the MTV show Finding Carter. 10 points to Gryffindor if you can guess who it is!
What are you up to this weekend? Any links you're loving right now? Let me know/send 'em my way!

Hey There! + A Little Life Update

Since I've gained a few new readers here lately (hey there!). I thought it might be fun to do a little life update as to where and what I'm up to now, plus share some facts about me. Sound good? Good!

I'm Ashlee. I live in Arkansas and will be heading into my senior year at the University of Arkansas this August. I'm just as astonished as to how the past three years went by so quickly. In May, if all goes according to plan, I'll be graduating with a degree in Visual Design and Art History. I also have a minor in Business Marketing. I spend my free time as a College Ambassador at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and love it. I'm also a member of Delta Delta Delta, and the experience of being in a sorority has been amazing thus far. I'm thankful for every moment and every opportunity it's given me to connect with others and do amazing philanthropic work. Hopefully, post grad I can score a job working somewhere in the creative industry, but we'll see. I'm open to so much.

I blog a little bit about everything, most of it personal. This upcoming year, I'm looking forward to diversifying my content to include more DIY, Recipes, and Fashion/Beauty related posts. I addition, I hope to work with other bloggers to make fun features or guest posts happen here in this space. I love the community aspect of blogging. So, stay tuned.

I spent most of this past summer travelling and taking small little road trips here and there. Initially, I was scared, but have enjoyed every waking second of it since. Constantly experiencing new things this past summer has been such a blessing. I hope to make travelling more of a priority this upcoming semester. I want to take a few more road trips while I have the flexibility to do so (aka before I get a job that has a limited # of vacation days).

I'll be moving into my very first one bedroom apartment this fall. It'll be my first time living entirely on my own. I'm nervous about the experience, but totally confident that this is the right choice for me. Hopefully, getting that place in tip top shape will be a source for future DIYs. I'm thrilled to decorate everything as I see fit. This is going to be good, I can feel it! Do any of y'all live on your own? If so, do you love it? Any advice?

Though I love doing what I do, I cannot help but miss my 5 year old brother Jack while I'm away. He's my favorite person in the world and one of my biggest sources of personal inspiration. He starts kindergarten this fall and I am in complete disbelief. I think I'll probably cry harder than my parents on the day he goes. No one prepared me for this kind of love.

Some Quick & Current Facts About Me

  • Watching stand up comedy is my guilty pleasure, right there behind behind binge watching Netflix, The Millionaire Matchmaker and reruns of both Boy Meets World and Sex in the City.
  • I lose stuff constantly. I lost my one and only pair of jean shorts two weeks ago and they've yet to return to me. Sending an S.O.S!
  • I've never tried Quinoa. I know, I know! I just bought two bags and can't wait to try out a recipe using the stuff.
  • My current celeb crushes are comprised of Mark Wahlberg and Theo James. Also, who could count out Zac Efron?
  • I probably say #BYE (hashtag bye) too often for my own good. Gotta work on that one. 
  • French fries are my favorite food in the entire world. Also gotta work on that. 
  • I love the idea of juicing, but have never done a full on cleanse. The cost is killer.
  • Instagram and Pinterest are quickly growing to be my favorite sources of social media. 
  • I live in a state where there is no H&M and no Urban Outfitters and I detest every minute of that ish. 
  • I'm STILL not done getting my portfolio site together. I will one day...soon. 

So, new readers and old readers alike, come by and say hey + tell me some facts about you! I'd love to know you!

5 Instagram Accounts I'm Loving

(left: @karahaupt, @tifforelie || right: @randomactsofpastel, @jengotch, and @savannahmaiedae)

I'm excited to share a new mini-series here on the blog entitled "5 I'm Loving." Each week I hope to bring you 5 things/people/social media accounts/etc that I'm loving. I stumble across so many awesome things and sometimes get a little obsessed with certain ideas/songs/websites. Hopefully I can use this series as an ever evolving platform to share those things! Woot woot!

Today, I'm sharing 5 Instagram Accounts I'm Loving. Find out why they're so awesome below:

@karahaupt: I started follow Kara nearly four years ago on her personal blog and this lady has been kicking ass ever since. She takes beautiful photos, writes herself amazing pep talks, is a selfie-advocate and her photos constantly remind me to embrace myself exactly as I am. She documents herself, her work, and her life in Portland, OR. She also is launching a site on Monday called Babe Vibes, which I can't wait to explore!

@jengotch + @designlovefest: I couldn't mention one without the other. These two besties are both wildly successful women with envy-inducing careers with an envy-inducing work ethic to match. Jen Gotch is the creator of my most fun/fashionable accessory line Ban.do and Bri from Design Love Fest runs the highly coveted blogging/Photoshop work shop called Blogshop! Both of these ladies instagram accounts always fill my day with a daily dose of brightness and optimism!

@tifforrelie: I'm amazed at how many likes this instagram account has probably received on my behalf. The lady behind the magic is Tiffany Mitchell. She's a baker, photographer, and stylist based in Kentucky. Her instagram photos are always, always well styled and endlessly gorgeous to look at. She also blogs over at Offbeat & Inspired!

@savannahmaiedae: Savannah Wallace is part of the dynamic duo between the site Maiedae which just got a little face lift. She and her best friend, print maker Jenny Highsmith, run this lovely blog/graphic design house together. Not only are they graphic design mavens, but they also host an annual mixer for bloggers! Her instagram account documents nothing but beautiful everyday life content!

@randomactsofpastel: This is my latest instagram account find. Alyssa Garrison documents her very pastel life on this account. Each post is colorful, girly, and lovely. She sees the world through rose colored glasses and a dreamer's lens. This account is total instagram eye candy! Plus, she blogs over at her blog of the same name, Random Acts of Pastel.

What are some instagram accounts you're currently crushing on?! Let me know!