15 Can't Miss Twitter Chats For Badass Bloggers / Small Biz Babes

I won't lie and say I have a lot of experience in actually participating in  Twitter chats (although I'm trying to change that), but will I say that I do have a lot of experience in understanding how one functions. I have an internship at cool company called Collective Bias. One of the many things they do is host weekly Twitter parties (similar to a Twitter chat) as part of a client's campaign. There are parties each and every week and I've been privelaged enough to see the inner workings of a Twitter party first hand.

I've also seen how awesome the engagement is during Twitter parties/chats. So many quality people tend to chime in and provide invaluable insight into whatever topic or product discussion is at hand. Participating in a Twitter chat is a great way to boost your following, pick up some tips, and to interact with others in your field (or the field you hope to be in). If you're looking to grow your tribe, connecting with others via a Twitter chat is a great way to get the ball rolling.

If you've never participated in a Twitter chat it can be hard to know where to start. The biggest question I personally had was, "Which chats do I join and when are they happening?" I did a bit of research myself, scoping social media and checking out the Twitter chats some of my favorite bloggers participated in themselves.

After that, I feel like I've curated a small, but great, list of Twitter chats perfect for the badass blogger or small biz babe. I'm new to Twitter chat-dom, but I have a feeling this list will quickly become 15 of my favorite, can't miss weekly Twitter chats!


#bdib (blogs do it better) - 3pm ET
Hosted by: @touchofbelle / @blogsdoitbetter

#ambitionista - 9pm ET
Hosted by: @MiraJoleigh


#bloghour - 4pm ET
Hosted by: @UKBlogAwards

#fireworkpeople - 9pm ET
Hosted by: @fireworkpeople


#altchat - 12pm ET
Hosted by: @altsummit

#createlounge - 8pm ET
Hosted by: @kayla_hollatz

#owschat - 8pm ET
Hosted by: @OneWomanShop

#nectarchat - 9pm ET
Hosted by: Melyssa @NectarCollect

#creativebizchat - 10pm ET
Hosted by: Caitlin @littlefarmmedia

#savvychat - 11pm ET
Hosted by: @HeatherCrabtree

My Holy Grail Hair Products

Today, I sat back and thought about how I've been sharing my favorite beauty buys and wanted wardrobe pieces recently. Mostly I just thought about how fun that has been for me. I love sharing my life and I love sharing products I use on the daily. It's like gossiping to a girlfriend readily at my disposal because I have gotten some amazing beauty/fashion/home decor recommendations from readers over the years who've voiced their favorites in return.

Let me be frank...I'm not "good" at hair or hair styling. In fact I even wrote about how bad I was at it in my "Things I'm Bad At" post . I'm not one of those women who has ever had enviably styled hair. My brown, almost black, hair is thick as can be. It grows quickly., which is a good thing since I'm constantly ricocheting between short hair and long hair. I've done it all - had pink hair, had a short angled bob, had long ombre, and just about everything in between. These products have stuck with me through every stage of my hair life. They are products, mostly falling into the drugstore variety I would and have recommend/repurchase.

Without further ado, here are my current holy grail hair products:


At first I was hesitate to call this drug store shampoo my "holy grail" shampoo, but after much reflection I've come to realize that it is honestly the closest thing I've got to one. I've been using it consistently for the past six months and I've returned to this shampoo time and time again after trying others. It keeps my oily hair in check for days and I always feel like my hair is clean and soft after using. It's also at an amazing price point.

TIGI Bed Head Curlipops 1" Curling Iron Wand
This wand is seriously one of the best hair care hot tools I've stumbled across. I found this curling wand at a local K-Mart for about $20 (it runs about $30 at Ulta) 2 or 3 years ago. I was wanting to give wands a try, so I picked it up because it was cheap and came in a fun color. I fully didn't expect to find my holy grail curling wand on the first go. There are different size barrels and the color of the wand corresponds to the color of the barrel. It comes with a glove so you can style your hair without risk of burning your digits. It's simple to use because there's one button (off and on) and it has a pretty long cord. I've tried many curling wands since this one and just haven't found any that measure up or create such perfect, silky, long lasting curls/waves. 


Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
I've been a fan of this since I was introduced to straightening my hair (aka 7th grade ish). This serum smells and feels great. It helps you achieve the sleekest, straight hair imaginable. I take a pump in my palm, rub together, and then apply all over. My hair always ends up shiny, soft, and sleek. It's also perfect for ridding freshly styled hair of pesky flyways. It has been a consistent go-to over many years.

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil
This is a product I just tried a few months ago, but have already elevated to holy grail status. There's something so simple and straightforward about this product. After many glowing reviews from friends I knew I had to give it a go. It has a nice smell, a nice price-tag, and a formulation I feel genuinely works for my hair. It's great for applying all over hair, nixing flyways, or just concentrating on ends that need moisture. 

TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream (Honorable Mention)
I've only purchased this once, but would purchase again in a heart beat. This stuff is perfect for applying over freshly styled hair to combat frizz and leave hair looking manageable and soft throughout the day (or night). It's a truly versatile product. It is on the pricier side and I don't usually splurge for it because of my favorite It's a 10 product which you'll read about below. However, Target usually sells a two-pack of these for a great price and if I were going to get it again I'd purchase it this way! 


It's a 10 Leave-In Conditioner (Plus Keratin)
This may be my absolutely FAVORITE product of this entire round-up. I never really believed a hair product could change your life, but this one guys...it is something else. I would recommend this to anyone and if I had to only pick one product out of this list to use forever, it would 100% be this one. It is a bit on the pricier side, but I'd pay the price tag a thousand times over because this product just works for me. My hair has never been softer or more healthy looking. It literally only took one use and I was hooked. A small bottle goes a long way even with daily use. I like to use it post shower, spraying all over (most generously on the ends and most sparingly toward the roots), and sleep on it. My hair wakes up like a dream - soft and ready to be styled. It also works great to smooth away frizz and flyways after styling.

TIGI Colour Goddess Leave-In Conditioner
I used this mostly when I was sporting pink hair back in the day and a few times since when I added a little color into my hair. This product helps keep your colored hair soft and manageable while protecting your 'do. Also, it smells very sweet and reminds me of cake batter or a cupcake like smell. I've found myself reaching for this even when my hair isn't colored simply because I love the smell so much. Worth a try!

Wanted: Black Wadrobe Staples

(see links below or click on item above)

Happy Monday! Today we're chatting about my most wanted wardrobe pieces from around the web lately.

Since I entered the working world I've learned a lot about my personal style. Now that I'm not privy to the ultra-comfortable style staples (aka oversized t-shirts, athletic shorts, and leggings) known to me in my former college life, it's been time to reevaluate what I really want in my closet. I've always been pretty traditional in my style choices, favoring classic pieces over trendy ones. Though I can't say I've never bought into a fashion fad (denim mini skirts, sequin purses, chokers, flare jeans, and gaucho pants all via the early 2000s are coming to mind), I can say that on the whole I'm generally not too ashamed of any wardrobe decisions I made in the past.

Ever since I've started working in "the real world" I find myself gravitating back to basics more and more. I find myself wearing a lot simple shapes and wearing black, white, and/or denim on more days than not. This back to basics mentally is definitely being reflected in my recent wants!

J.Crew Striped Top
My go-to stripped tee has gotten a lot of love over the past two years and it's time for an upgrade. I feel like this J.Crew top is flattering, high-quality, and in a great price range. There's just something so inherently classic about a striped tee. It's flattering for all shapes and sizes. It can be dressed up or down and just goes with so much.

H&M Black Skinny Jeans
I've been in need of a good pair of black skinny jeans for awhile. I feel like black jeans can be so flattering and worn with success any time throughout the year when styled correctly. Black jeans are slimming among other things and just like the striped top pair with so much. At $9 these are a wishlist item that I can make a total reality.

Matisse Orin Sandal 
I've been crushing on low strappy heels since Spring 2014 and I've yet to purchase a pair. I saw these recently in a local boutique and fell completely in love all over again. The heel is low which is perfect for both work and play. I actually feel like I could be stylish and comfortable in these. The double straps add interest and the patterned back portion provides pop. This is definitely a staple with a twist.

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Bag
Upon graduating college I suddenly confronted the whole "what do I do with my backpack now?" question. While carrying a purse seemed like the obvious option, I just found that my purse wasn't really equipped to handle all the stuff I tote to work on a daily basis. I then began searching for a new backpack (since my college one was riddled with rips and wear), but every sturdy one I found felt like it was way out of my price range. Enter the Fjallraven Kanken Mini Bag! It has two top handles, adjustable straps, pockets, and a zip. It looks perfectly sturdy and like it'd have more than enough space for all of my stuff. They carry lots of fun colors and sizes, but this black mini totally has my heart. I think it's a timeless style that I could use for years to come!

Shiraleah 'Yves' Wool Hat
Maybe floppy hats are so last year...but I still think there's something to be said about a great hat for summer. This hat quickly covers a bad hair day while looking chic and adding that extra something to perfectly accessorize any outfit in need. Best thing of all? This hat can transcend seasons, easily slipping from summer to fall.

Topshop Lipstick in RioRio
Zoella recently mentioned this lipstick in her June Favorites video as being a perfect dupe for Kendall Jenner's Estee Lauder Lipstick in Restless. I think the color is absolutely gorgeous. I think it perfectly pops for summer and is the perfect orangey red. Definitely dying to try this one out. You can't go wrong with red lips paired with a black ensemble after all.

What have you been wanting lately? Let me know below!

Friday Link Love

Happy Friday! The summer is flying by faster than the speed of light right now. Work and my personal life are busy busy busy, but I have been finding so much peace and excitement blogging her at DL more regularly. Here's some lovely links I've been mooning over this past week:

  1. For every twenty something, wine curious newbie here's how to pair your wine with food. Take note.
  2. Love Londoners with amazing style, Pinterest worthy hair, and cat eyes on the daily? Me too! Chloe from The Little Plum is my latest style blog obsession.
  3. Here's 3 twists on a Moscow Mule. Give them a try this weekend!
  4. These Smores Rice Krispie Treats look like they're easy to make and so yummy. May make these for my boyfriend some time next week.
  5. How to create mermaid waves, for those of us who are hair illiterate (aka me).
  6. If there aren't enough ways to use pineapples in the world, try using them as a vase this summer. 
  7. Reese Witherspoon is now on Pinterest
  8. This notebook set is so fun. Love the gold foil!
  9. Dying to add this candle to my home. Sea salt + bay rum? I think yes.
  10. Loving using The Nectar Collective's free resource library for bloggers!

Have a happy weekend!
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