9 Concealers That Will Make It Look Like You Just "Woke Up Like This"

Since I was able to toddle into my first makeup store, I knew I had dark circles under my eyes. I was frequently asked, "Are you sleeping?" and told, "Wow! You look tired!" The first beauty product I ever used besides sparkly eyeshadow was most likely a concealer. There was nothing that uncovered the magic of makeup for me more than being able to hide my dark circles. I've been in a rut lately with my own stash of concealers. What started out as a personal quest for that "I just woke up like this" look quickly became a blog post (as it so often does). I thought I should share some old tried and true favorites and also share some concealers I want to try that I know have buzz. Without further ado...

Tarte CC Eye Priming Concealer Stick - I wish I could by this concealer in bulk! I tried this on a whim after my mother raved about it. A few weeks later I purchased it and was fan-girling right along with her. Since I was huge fan of Tarte's Creaseless Concealer, I knew Tarte could whip out an amazing concealer. I just wasn't sure how it would measure up compared to the Creaseless. This product comes in stick form and goes on with a cream consistency. Since it comes in stick form it is easy to target blemishes and draw in the under eye area. I found that this concealer was top notch at evening out my skin tone and great a blemish cover-up. My dark circles were vanished in a swipe, the redness around any blemishes was immediately dissolved, and it was the perfect concealer to prep eyelids for shadow. There's a limited range of colors, but since it's a CC the colors are pretty adaptable. If you need a fuller coverage concealer that also evens out skin tone or discoloration - this is the one for you!

Tarte Creaseless Concealer - This is my all time favorite concealer! No words can express the true and infinite love I have for this particular concealer. I don't know if it's nostalgia because this was the first high-end concealer I was ever recommended at a Sephora when I was sixteen or if it's really just that damn good. I've bought countless tubes of this concealer and have never been disappointed with it. It's liquidy/tacky out of the tube, but holds true to it's namesake by being creaseless as can be. This is important to me because unfortunately all of my developing fine lines seem to be concentrated around my dark-circle eye area. This concealer comes in a huge range of colors and is exceptionally long wearing. It doesn't offer much in the way of brightening, but it will cover dark circles and blemishes effortlessly. A+

Flower Beauty Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer - This is my all time favorite drug store concealer by far! I rock Shade 2. It strikes a fine balance between brightening and coverage. In my opinion, this concealer doesn't offer full coverage, but it does brighten like crazy. It's absolutely perfect for the under eye area and I often use it as part of my highlight and contour routine. Seriously, if you're in the market for a good drugstore concealer give this one a go!

L'Oreal Paris MagicLumi Concealer - This is my second favorite drugstore concealer! It's meant for brightening and again, in my opinion, doesn't really offer full coverage for blemishes. I find it slightly less opaque than the Flower concealer I mentioned above. It has a bit more of a sheer consistency, but offers a truly luminescent glow. I have a ton of friends who raved about this product for giving them beyond average brightening and for making them look especially fresh faced. That being said, it's great for under eye and subtle highlighting. It's slightly more expensive than the Flower concealer, but not by much. Try them both and pick a winner. Surely you can't go wrong.

Benefit's Bo-ing Concealer - I gave this a try junior year and it slowly edged out my Tarte Creaseless Concealer for about five months. It offers five shades (I found I had to mix two to get my "perfect" shade) and is described as "industrial-strength." It's a creamy consistency, best applied with fingers by gently patting into the under eye area. I found that it covered up my dark circles effortlessly and didn't settle into fine lines. It also was great for blemishes. This one isn't really for brightening, but if you need a long-lasting concealer that is full coverage, but somehow looks natural and won't budge - this is it!

5 Planners You NEED in Your Life Right Now!

Today is the first day back to school for so many of you, and a new academic year always seems to spur new feelings of organizational need. Pretty planners are a back-to-school staple that aren't going out of style any time soon. These agendas aren't just perfect for those hitting the books, they are also perfect for those gals who are working that 9-5 life. So, I thought I may shed some light on planners and agendas that you absolutely need in your life right this second.

  1. 17 mo. Ban.do Agenda (in Flora Bunda) - It's no secret Ban.do agendas have been wildly popular since their inital release over a year ago. The first time around they sold out almost instantly and I sadly missed out. I vowed if they ever came out again, I would snag one up. I plan to make good on this promise. My only problem? I can't decide between their three fabulous cover options. I think I'm leaning towards the Flora Bunda one featured above. Maybe I'll even spring for it in it's large version? Also, the planner offers stickers, fun colors, and a Ban.do to-list that you'll actually want to check off each week.
  2. Large 17 mo. Kate Spade Agenda (in Quick and Curious) - This Kate Spade planner definitely caught my eye. Kate Spade's aesthetic is very clean and modern and they're agendas are a perfect reflection of that. There's several different color options (you can shop a few of the different ones below), but I found myself favoring this quote. I love it especially because of the gold foil. It's the perfect daily agenda for the modern, polished lady on the go.
  3. A Beautiful Mess Academic Agenda (in Striped) - I haven't tried this agenda, but it looks especially promising for those headed back to school. It comes in three fun cover designs that are bright and bold. I found myself favoring this classic striped and hot pink concoction. I love that this agenda comes with plenty of pockets, color, and stickers galore.
  4. 17 mo. Rifle Paper Co. Agenda (in Birch Floral) - I had no idea Rifle Paper Co. even made agendas until recently, but now that I do I can simply never unknow it. I'm not sure if this is a new item they've sneakily added to their repertoire, but either way their agendas are gorgeous. If you're a fan girl of their undeniably feminine florals, then get ready to buy this one. They carry two cover options and both a absolutely lovely. This floral is a bit more classic, while their blue toile cover is a bit more regal. They appear to be large sized and have plenty of space for scheduling just about anything you need.
  5. Large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (in Bright Navy Wild Confetti) - I've been a die-hard Lilly Pulitzer agenda girl for nearly four years. I have nothing but good things to say about this agenda. The large agenda is more than enough to get you by. There's plenty of room to write and the Lilly-esque illustrations found throughout make the agenda bright without overdoing it. The agenda comes with stickers (which I love) and tabs which make navigating a breeze. This agenda is perfect for just about any girl in need of a good agenda.

Which agenda/planner is your favorite? Which one have you nabbed recently or at least want to? Let me know!

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Friday Link Love

Another Friday has come upon us and it's just amazing how simultaneously quick and slow the week goes up until now.  It's been a mostly good week so far and I'm happy to be sharing some of my favorite things around the internet this week!

  1. This "keep going" necklace is perfect, simple, and encouraging.
  2. Definitely pre-ordering this book. I can't wait to make all the lists! Plus, the overall art direction looks beyond lovely.
  3. Obvious State nails it with their new line of literary inspired art prints.
  4. Favorite Etsy finds - this mug + this pin.
  5. The girls at ABM dish on their "no regrets decor purchases."
  6. Loved scrolling through the pictures of this bright DIY palm spring wedding!
  7. Speaking of bright DIY's, this gem sidewalk chalk DIY looks fun and easy.
  8. Major late summer fashion inspiration coming in hot!
  9. These booties for fall are absolute p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n.
  10. Sorry, the Urban Outfitters "Apartment" section still has my heart and I'm not even mad about it.

What have you been loving this week? Let me know!

Old Navy Fall Clothing Haul + Review

In this post a few days ago I mentioned that I may have done a little "back-to-school" shopping. Even though I'm not headed back-to-school exactly, I did do a little shopping where I picked up some fall staples and some great transition pieces (because everyone knows how tricky that time between sweating hot and freezing cold). I thought I'd share some of the pieces I go and provide a quick little review for you all. Let's call it a virtual clothing haul!

  1. Striped Jersey Swing Dress - I love the flowy cut of this dress. It's perfect for every shape and is super comfortable to wear. The jersey material is forgiving and has stretch. I bough this dress about a size too large because I preferred it a bit looser and shift-like. I can easily see throw this dress on with tights in the winter or just a pair of small booties. Since the sleeves are shorter, the dress could easily layer with a jacket or cardigan during chillier days!
  2. Blue Fit & Flare Cami Dress - This dress was one I bought for mostly for the transitional time between summer and fall (though with the right accessories could be worn almost year-around). This navy dress is subtle and delightfully feminine. I instantly thought of how much I'd like to wear it to the farmer's market or maybe for date night. It definitely fits true to size! I love pairing this with a chambray shirt and wedges. However, for fall I can see myself throwing on a nice cardigan over top of it. If you're not huge on navy, these also have a pinkish red variant.
  3. Black Shift Dress - I'll be honest, I thought this dress was going to look lifeless on my curvy body, making me look more like a sack than anything else. I've always been warned against 'shift' style dresses because of borderline plus-size physique, because of how "unflattering" it would be. I'm absolutely thrilled to say this dress busted any preconceived notions I had about a shift dress. It's like it was cut with my needs in mind. The lower v-neck balances the dress out and the back of the dress is slightly longer than the front. I love the idea of belting this dress and the idea that it easily can be worn to work or on the weekend. There's several patterns and colors of this dress too if you find the black a bit boring.
  4. Gray and Black Maxi Dress - This maxi dress may be the first maxi dress I've found that doesn't scrape the floor when I walk. It also was one of the first that didn't drown me! I know you shorter ladies know what's up. The dress stops just short of my ankles and it comfortable to wear. The grey top is very structured, so bustier ladies beware. However, the bottom half is light and flowy. Again, I love that this dress can be worn for so many different occasions! For now I'm wearing sandals with it. I may toss on a chambray shirt, but mostly I love leaving the dress alone and just adding jewelry. For fall I can see layering a sweater or a cardigan over it and pairing with the boots below!
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