Mood Board: Festive 3 Ways!

Can you believe Christmas is only 5 days away?! That's insane! Maybe it's because this semester has felt extra long, but I haven't really been able to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Sure, we decorated the tree and I've been listening to Christmas music since November 5th, but now that it's nearly here I feel like I haven't been given enough time to adjust to the holiday season.

That doesn't mean I haven't been pin-spired by all the amazing Christmas DIY's and imagery floating around out there. Each row of this mood fulfills and channels a different type of festive vibe. The first row is what I like to call "Colorful Contemporary Christmas." It's all about bright colors and unique shapes. It has more of a DIY sort of feel and is not afraid of being bold. The second row is, "Metallic Modern." Metallic Modern incorporates silver and all things glitzy and glamorous. It's modern, yet polished. Lastly, the third row is "Classic Christmas!" Classic Christmas honors time old tradition and staples. Imagine lots of greens, reds, wreaths, and cookies. It's a Christmas that never goes out of style.

I love all of these different looks so much, but I'm particularly fond of the first and second row. At the same time, who doesn't like that traditional Christmas feel? So hard to choose!

Which row is your favorite? Let me know!

P.S. - what vibe do you channel into your holiday decor this time of year?

Finals Week By The #'s

I did a post similar to this one in the spring. Here's how finals week by the numbers is shaping up this semester!

-13277817238047 - my level of cares right now
0 - number of available seats in the library
1 - the number of finals I have every day of finals week
2 - number of research papers due before finals week even began
3 - # of pens I've gone through already
3 - average # of Snapchats a day I get from friends who are already home from finals and bored
4 - number of finals I have total
6 - how many scantrons come in a pack (even if you only need one)
25 - days of Christmas Break I have to look forward to
35 - dollars of printer allowance I've used up this semester
60 - # of hours until I get to go home
100 - grade I hope I'll make on every final I take
120 - minutes allotted for each final
170 - number of tissues I've gone through while studying (because I'm currently sick)

Happy Studying!

Weekly Wishes .020

Happy Monday. Let's do this! Here are my weekly wishes for this week:
  • Study Study Study: This week is finals week (trust me, you'll be hearing much more about it) and I need to study until I feel good about going into each test. I've made semi-detailed to-do lists for each class and feel on point. Now, if this cold I seem to be harboring will just go away that'd be great.
  • Pack for Winter Break: The last thing I need to do is put off packing for an entire month until five minutes before I'm trying to leave (or worse, the night before my biggest final which also happens to be my last one). This week I need to utilize those study breaks to pack slowly but surely as the week goes on.
  • Clean the Apartment: I also need to get my apartment in order before I go gallivanting off for winter break. That means I need to do all those nagging things like dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash, throwing out food that will expire in my absence, and checking the mail. Sigh.
  • Make a List of Goals for the Break: So much free time to accomplish things! Need to make a list of goals in order to structure my time away from college so that it can be equal parts fun/relaxing and productive.
  • Ace My Finals: This one is simpler said and typed than done. Hopefully, if I study efficiently and continue to treat my body in a decent manner (aka getting enough sleep, taking cold medicine, and eating on the reg), then this will happen naturally. Wish me luck!

What are your goals/wishes this week? Let me know!

Recent Good Vibes + Exciting News!

Hey all! Long time, no blog - am I right?

It's been busy here these past two weeks (2 research papers and 2 huge projects later) and I'm just now able to take a small breath and get back to blogging. Despite the busyness there's been lots and lots good vibes going on in my life and I thought I'd share!

Even though school has taken me away from this space, I've really been excelling there in that area of life. It's really sucked up my time and attention, but the pay off has been well worth it in the form of good grades that have been slowly trickling in. I'm proud of myself and the academic part of my realm feels under control. That's a great feeling to have!

I've also been doing some things with #DocumentingDecember that maybe I'll share once the month winds out. I've been trying to video more and take more pictures. I know I haven't been doing so great in the blogging department (which will change as I move into winter break), but I have been journaling again.

I helped put on my second Crystal Bridges event last weekend called the The Respective. It was a smaller event, but I think it was an overall success. I am so in love with exhibit we centered our event around, so I enjoyed every magical, exhausting minute it's taken from concept to fruition. I'm so proud of our Ambassador group!

Lastly, I got an internship! I am the most excited to share this piece of news and it took all of my will power to not type that out in all caps with an excessive amount of exclamation points. I've been searching for the right internship for a long time (over a year, to be exact) and nothing has ever quite felt right. It seemed that any internship I was remotely excited about in the past was doomed to be met with a "We regret to inform you that the internship in which you've applied for has been filled" email in the near future. It seemed like everyone was always more outgoing or more qualified than I was and I have been met with rejections upon rejections. I felt like I was always chasing internships that were always a bit out of my reach for one reason or another.

I was starting to get discouraged, but ultimately knew that if I ever stood a chance at having a job post-grad I needed to get more serious and find an internship, quick. So, I started to really re-evaluate my goals. What did I want to do in the short term and in the long term? What kind of company did I want to be affiliated with? What kind of companies in my area were even hiring people like me? Where would my skills be valued or necessary? So, I started studying up and visiting the websites of my dream companies. What were they looking for? What did they do? Were they even hiring for interns?

By taking this approach to the internship hunt, I found more candidates that fit my mold, instead of the other way around. There was one internship I was particularly excited by...the one I really wanted. I wanted it so badly I almost didn't even apply for it because I was so scared. Surely, I couldn't get it and I didn't know if I could be met with another stinging rejection. Because in my mind not knowing if I could've gotten it (the door still open for future hope) would be better than knowing I couldn't have (definite rejection). After many long pep talks and staring at the application, I just decided to go for it.

Three months later and I was left feeling discouraged as ever. I hadn't heard back from anywhere or anyone. It felt like every application I'd sent got lost into cyberspace and I was so lowly I wasn't even worth the typical rejection email. That is until one day when I got an email requesting an interview for the internship I was so excited about. I was in disbelief. A real life interview?! I hadn't ever made it this far and had never interviewed for anything in my life since my achievements on paper had usually been enough to grant me something or conversely reject me from something I wanted.  I promptly freaked out, bought a blazer, and spent hours printing out pieces for a tangible portfolio of my work (my work which had never seen the light of day outside of my classes).

A week later and I got the best call. I got the internship! I'm so excited to be starting such an amazing internship next semester with a company I consider one of my dream companies to work for. My schedule is going to be the busiest it's ever been, but it's exciting to be doing something new and hopefully learning/growing as much as possible in the career field of my choice before graduation! It's a great opportunity for me.

To celebrate, my friend took me out to dinner at Table on the Hill. The food was beyond good and I got to try my first Moscow Mule (featured above). It was also amazing and I'm sure there will be many to come in my future.

So, tell me, what good vibes/things have been happening in your life as of late?! Let me know!