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July 03, 2011

It's been a few weeks since I've done a Pretty! Pretty! post, so rest assured that I'm elated to be sharing with you the pretty things that are rocking my world this week! Happy Sunday Dearies!

Pretty much dying over these handmade journals and cards (via Wit & Whistle)

 Pretty awesome way to charge your iPod (via Inbook)

Pretty gold bunting necklace (via MaryRebecca)

Pretty excited that Trueblood is back so that I can stare at this yummy man every Sunday night for a full hour without interruption (via Zamanin).

the middle finger project

Pretty much the most awesome article I've read this week (via TheMiddleFingerProject)

Pretty new desktop! Hello, July! (via TabithaEmma)

Pretty Glitter Tape DIY (via PuglyPixel)

Ever since I've I saw this at the mall next to a bunch of cupcake stands I've been dying the get a hold of this Pretty Cupcake Book (via GoogleImages)

Prettiest Perfume I've smelt in a long time (via Aerie)

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  1. All of these items are super cute!! I'm in love with the handmade journals, so adorable and the guy of TrueBlood is a 100% hottie =D xoxo

  2. LOVE the glitter tape. ooo la la la!

  3. I'm in love with that perfume lately too! I had to buy it with one of their 20% off specials!

  4. What a pretty compilation :)
    I want that cupcake book


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