What You Can Look Forward To;

October 17, 2011

I just love that quote? Isn't it marvelous? I've been really trying to gather up inspiration lately and I love this quote. Unfortunately, I hate to report that I did it again...I disappeared. You can thank midterms for that. Now that that's over I wanted to let you know that I'm back and here to stay. Here are a few things you can be looking forward to on the blog very soon:

  1. Collegiate Fancy: this will be a weekly style feature (modeled somewhat after the series I did this summer called Cubicle Fancy) which chronicles a college girl's guide to everyday practical style. I will reuse and reinvent outfits/pieces regularly and share how to live fashionably on a college girl's slim budget.
  2. Dorm Room Tour 2011: I'll be sharing my home away from home very soon! 
  3. Collegiate Eats: Sporadic recipes and yummy goodness right from the dorm. A college girl's got to get creative with a low budget, limited space and appliances! Learn to make the best 30 second cheesy dorm dip spread and the most basic (but yummy) salad ever containing only 4 ingredients.
  4. Life Lately: very much like an 'According to my iPhone' type of post. I'll share with you what my iPhone camera has been capturing throughout the week with captions any personal updates.
  5. Nanowrimo posts: November is coming up and I'll be taking the National Novel Writing Month challenge for the fourth year in a row, so you can expect posts regarding that starting in late October/November. 
  6. Current Features: expect for current features such as Pretty! Pretty!, Family Film Fridays, and Dorm Inspiration posts to continue as normal.

Hope you've all been wonderful while I've been away! I'm finishing up fall break and go back to having classes on Wednesday. I've been spending lots of time with my family, seeing old friends, doing homework, and attempting to get caught up with everything! I'm excited for these new features/things to hit Dearie Lovie in the next month and a half. Aren't you?

What have you been up to? Isn't fall lovely?

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