Scarf Lust

March 23, 2012

Have you all seen the new Red Velvet Spring Scarf Collection? Surely, you must have! Each scarf is so fresh and lovely for spring! I'm simply smitten with the first one, but each of them happen to be sold out. Sad day, no? I hope they restock because that red scarf would be the perfect birthday gift to myself! Every time I want to buy a RV product it goes out of stock almost instantly! I understand wanting to have an exclusivity about their product with each season, but after several rounds of dresses and accessories it must be truly obvious that supply is not meeting demand! Le Sigh. Maybe I'm just bitter because I wasn't quick enough on the draw on that one. 

I've been having a rather low key Spring Break at home. It's been rather rainy here and I've enjoyed some peace and quite. It's been vital time for me to recharge my metaphorical batteries and go back to college with a new found drive and refreshing motivation! Tonight is date night with R and I head back Sunday.

Wishing you all the best!

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  1. oh, those red velvet girls always get me! those scarves are so gorgeous!


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