Life Lately

July 29, 2012

This kid has a major love for sliding

Chicken noodle soup

Quack-Quack Duck

Hello all. Happy Sunday! Life Lately, has been surreal. I cannot believe summer is nearly over and I'll be heading back to college in exactly one week. On a less thrilling note, everyone in my family is either recovering or currently has the stomach flu. My father had it early in the week and then Jack had it Wednesday night (throwing up four times...I cannot tell you how many times I had to change the sheets on that bed). I woke up Friday night / early Saturday morning feeling really queasy myself. So, to spare the gruesome details I've been spending the past 24 hours near a trashcan or a toilet. I've been feeling lethargic and have been sleeping a lot. My mother is now in the same situation, getting sick Saturday morning herself. Needless to say, we're not such a happy bunch in the Springer household at the moment. The stomach flu is the pits!

So, today shall be spent trying to re-hydrate and recover. Hopefully this thing will run it's course and we'll be up and running soon. That chicken noodle soup is the only food I've had in nearly 24 hours and that Quack-Quack Duck was gifted to me by Jack. He came into my room and told me that the duck would make me feel better because I was sick. That kid is the cutest sometimes.

It's been me, Quack-Quack, my bed, a trashcan, and the Olympics.

Here's to a happier and healthier week ahead!

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  1. Loving this post. That soup looks yummy! and he looks so happy going down that slide :) love it.

  2. oh no! being sick is definitely not fun, especially when it's the stomach flu! hoping you all have a quick recovery!
    xo TJ


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