Good Things

September 07, 2012

(Lounging in front of the sorority house with my best friends. It's so nice to get lost in our little bubble.)

So, it's been a few? How are you all holding up? Hopefully well since it's FRIDAY! Hallelujah. Here a few good things to consider besides the fact that the weekend is about to commence:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte season is officially back! (if you squealed just as much as I did after hearing this, then we're soul mates)
  • It's still nice and toasty out...all the fall drinks...none of the cold weather. Is this heaven?
  • Also, on another weather related note, it is still appropriate to 'go out' in shorts/skirts. Dressing for winter 'going out' is the biggest pain in my booty. Do I take a jacket? No...I'll be stuck carrying the dang thing all night! It's cold out, but basically ninety degrees! <--My normal thought process concerning that matter
  • Hats...hats are the bomb...especially for those days where my hair is not like everyday. It's just a bonus when one of your sister's calls you 'sporty chic.' *wink*
  • 90's Pandora Radio - I'm obsessed.
  • The fact September's Vogue is the size of an Encyclopedia...yep, it's gonna take me the whole month to read that.
  • Face Time - I get to see Jack and it makes my heart so incredibly happy.

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  1. I always want to pull off hats, but I feel so self-conscious in them for some reason. Also, don't talk to me about pumpkin spice lattes. UGH. They don't exist in Korea.


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