Letters V.2

October 08, 2012

Dearest Scooter Drivers (specifically at my apartment complex), having to park in the boonies because your lone scooter is occupying an entire parking space right next to my building is frustrating. I hate you all, but it looks like you're getting the last laugh for now as I make my trek in from unlit BFE with my backpack, purse, and drawing board in tow as I freeze.

Dearest Winter, why on Earth have you come back for vengeance so early? It's October...not December. Get your self together. I have one winter outfit right now...can't you at least wait until after fall break?!

Dearest 8:30am Lab, you will be the death of me...but usually I'm up in time for breakfast so I suppose that's a plus.

Dear Biology Test, how did it feel for me to rock your world again this morning? I felt pretty dang good about it myself. Thank you for being basically identical to the practice tests. You're making my job as a student that much easier.

Dearest Fall Break, get here. NOW. I need to see my family and give this school things a little rest.

Dearest Besties/Sorority Sisters, thank you for being there...for camping functions, for constnatly reminding me 'that I'm my own person who is funny and unique,' to help pick the perfect outfits out with, to tell me what I did the night before, to never judge and to always be honest with me, to watch Gossip Girl with, to let me sleep in their bed midday, and to always ask if I'm coming to lunch. You guys are awesome.

Dearest Hats, you are amazing...and while we're at it...so is dry shampoo.

Dearest Boys in My Life, I'm tired of all of you. Every one of you except my Daddy are boring, annoying, tiresome, or confusing.

Dearest Dad, thanks for consistently stalking me with the Find Your Friends app and answering my calls day after day when I just want to chat.

Dearest Sylvia Plath, you never let me down and thus far neither have the few chapters I've read of The Bell Jar. The fact that Esther and I are both 19 feels somehow significant as I read.

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  1. Love these little letters. I still can't believe that it's already started snowing in some places. Ridiculous!
    xo TJ


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