That Time I Made A Wire Dress

May 09, 2013

I know I don't share a lot of school or personal art work here on the blog, but I'm trying to change that. There are some things concerning art that I'd like to think I'm much better at than others. However, I knew from the start that sculpture and anything 3D was not, I repeat - NOT, up my alley. I've never had the desire to build anything with my hands, so I put my Three Dimensional Design foundations course off until I had literally taken every single one of my other foundations and art histories. All I heard were negative things about the course. For example: "It's so expensive!" "The teachers are brutal!" "All of the architecture students will blow you out of the water!"

Well, for the record, the class was kind of expensive - but I actually had a really great instructor who lessened the pain of me taking this course...and the architecture students were no more apt (except maybe in the wood shop) than I ended up being. 

For our final, the assignment was to redefine our bodies in the world. Essentially, we were supposed to represent ourselves, change the meaning of our body, and create a concept for a sculptural piece in line with the equivalent of wearable art. I struggled for the first two days coming up with an idea, so I began to research. It was only after reading this article comparing the woman to a black hole, that I began to get solid footing. I wanted to turn myself conceptually into a black hole - making a statement about exactly what I am, a modern woman. I wanted to be a natural force.

To create this dress, I used chicken wire, beading wire, pliers, nippers, spray paint, and light bulbs. I quickly learned that this dress doesn't photograph nearly as well as it looks in person. I created a classic feminine dress shape, with structural elements encasing me. I wanted to center of the dress to disappear, making me the black hole. 

Ultimately this project could've been pushed farther and I would've liked to added much more, but overall I am happy. I'm happy with the statement I attempted to make, happy with concept, and feel like I made decisive decisions about it's construction and meaning. 

Here's to finals week being over! Hip-hip-hooray!

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