Typical Summer Afternoons

June 10, 2013

Summer is a glorious time to be outdoors and Jack and I don't have any time for wasting precious sunshine and freshly cut grass. Since he got a swing set for his last birthday, almost every afternoon - weather permitting, we find ourselves outside. Typical afternoons are spent teaching Jack how to swing by himself by using his legs, practicing our alphabet in sidewalk chalk, and him riding around on his little tricycle.

He loves to take pictures too, which makes me one lucky sister. Using the new VSCO cam app (which, by the way, is beyond fabulous), I got to capture a few precious glimpses of our everyday backyard time. Plus, I fulfilled a previously unaccomplished goal of taking a picture without make-up on. So there you go folks - hair in a pony tail, no traces of make-up, and no contacts. Come hither all male suitors.

Despite the mundane routine of summer, summer always reminds me to focus on the little things. Watching Jack grow and develop and learn is the best part. I am reminded to live in the moment and appreciate things like sunny days and having Jack serve me pretend tea and asking me to push him. I can't imagine a time where he won't need me, but as he comes upon four, I get more emotional than ever over his lingering baby tendencies that I know that he is for sure to outgrow too soon for my liking.

Happy days, folks.

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