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July 10, 2013

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Not long ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start sharing more personal work - from class and personal life. So, I've started going through some old work to pull and share for you guys.

Spring semester of freshman year, I took a foundations class called Computers in Art. For our third project we were asked to redesign and simplify a movie poster of our choice using only text and line. At the time I was having a major movie and novel obsession with The Virgin Suicides. The novel by Jeffery Eugenides is beautiful and the movie directed Sofia Coppola is equally wonderful. Both are totally worth looking in to, if you haven't already. So, I selected the The Virgin Suicides to be my poster redesign of choice.

I have discovered something about myself, that I never knew in the past two years as a college art student - I am a' process' type of girl. Before college, I always functioned as a 'gut-instinct' type of girl when it came to artwork. I had one brilliant spark of an idea and then followed it without reconsidering. I either followed it to wild success or I followed it right into the ground. I quickly learned, that following artwork into the ground, is just not going to fly in college or professionally.

So yes, I still wait for that initial spark of an idea, but now I constantly reconsider and develop that idea as I go. I have come to learn that brainstorming is more effective than I ever gave it credit for. I also came to realize that changing directions with a project isn't necessarily a bad thing - that growing and tweaking is actually a good thing if it makes the project better. I have learned that I take projects in stages, with a process of sorts.

Also to check out: that time I made a wire dress and that time I redesigned an album cover for The Black Keys.

Happy days!

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  1. I love this movie & I love the book even more. I think you captured the theme perfectly.

  2. I love seeing other young designers out there. It's not an easy path and I know how much hard work it takes so good luck in school!



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