Sanity Manifesto

August 19, 2013

With school starting in exactly one week (and recruitment week beginning this week...eeek!), I think now is the perfect time to write myself a Sanity Manifesto. I discovered the concept of the Sanity Manifesto on the lovely Maiedae blog thanks to Liz and thought I'd give it a go. Here's twenty things to help bring me back to a state of sane when I'm stressed, with a capital 'S.'

.001 - Make some tea. Two creamers, one sugar, and sip at a respectably slow pace. Go!

.002 - Take a hot midday shower, it'll calm you down and refocus you.

.003 - Make a list. Seeing visually what all is on your plate and being able to break it down can actually help bring you some peace. Getting it done is possible!

.004 - Don't force it. If you're not feeling creative - don't force yourself to try and brainstorm. If you're not feeling social - don't force yourself into trying to be so. Don't force it at all - give your body and mind the time and respect it needs to get back to creativity and sociability.

.005 - Call Dad, just to vent.

.006 - Put some lipstick on and pull yourself together. Getting on some make-up or an outfit that you feel good in will help your outside look put together, which is a foot in the door for the rest of you.

.007 - Watch a stand-up comedy performance on Netflix. Laugh and laugh and laugh.

.008 - Look at pictures and watch videos of Jack being ridiculously cute.

.009 - Write, if you need it. It can do worlds of wonders.

.010 - Get sleep when you can and eat when you can. Continue to do the little things like taking off your make-up every night before bed that might get pushed to the back burner in favor of quickly crashing out. Don't let stress get the better of the normal necessities or routines in life like sleeping or eating.

.011 - Take time to wind down before bed. Going to bed with a stressed out mindset, nerves on edge, and a quickly beating heart was never a good combination for quick or restful sleep. See #1, #10, and #12 for some help winding down.

.012 - Turn off the phone for a few hours if it's feasible.

.013 - Be productive. Do your part and do it good. Work exceptionally hard and be challenged, but don't compromise or sacrifice your sanity. Know when it's time to enact a sanity saving measure and do #4 on this list.

.014 - Listen to music that makes you happy, inspired, or just calm. A little tuneage never hurt.

.015 - Be honest within reason to others and yourself about all things (about projects your willing to take on, how you're feeling, etc).

.016 - 50 jumping jacks, 25 squats, 15 crunches, a plank, and a wall sit. Even little forms of exercise are energizing and make you feel both productive and better about your body (when time to work out is so limited).

.017 - Read for fun. Doing something stimulating, but purely for yourself can help you focus on something other than being overwhelmed. Try and aim for one chapter. Underline phrases you love as you go.

.018 - Get a cupcake from Bliss, be happy.

.019 - Recognize that asking for help and utilizing your friend's ears and/or shoulders is not a sign of failure/weakness and you're not being as much as burden as you feel like. Don't bottle up the overwhelming stuff or it's bound to come out in large quantities later.

.020 - Step outside (i.e. get away from whatever chaos is happening), take a few deep breaths, and take a few minutes just to be. Take it all in, or don't. Just be present.

What would be on your Sanity Manifesto? Let me know!

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  1. Next Monday will be my first day TEACHING college -- so yay! This sanity manifesto will probably help me too. Thanks.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


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