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February 21, 2014

It's Friday so this post is going be casual.

This week has been slightly busy and I got slightly behind on posting (swear I'll post that ridiculously happy this from last week soon). I had two tests, a workshop, and a project due this week. Plus, I've been in touch with a few blog pals about some awesome things coming up in the future. I am beyond thrilled! This is the good kind of busyness and I'm glad to be getting back to it. 

This afternoon, I'm headed to a baseball game and hanging out with a friend this evening that I don't see near enough. Tomorrow I'm apartment hunting (wish me luck) and meeting another friend for either a lunch or dinner date. Sunday hold things like church, studying and maybe another baseball game? Who knows.

In the meantime, here are some amazing happening from around the web that I've been loving:

  • If you haven't checked out Kara's "Lady Lady" board on Pinterest, you should. Curating notions of female empowerment and babe vibes is what it's all about and it's perfect. I may or may not have started a similar secret board on my own. 
  • With all the bickering, mostly on my Facebook feed, about whether getting married young or not getting married young is better, I really liked this article about how there's no right time to find a husband. Like can everyone just shut up now and be happy in their own individual situations without trying to make it into a thing
  • This post on changing your dreams really hit me. It was so good and inspirational.
  • I really enjoyed coming across this shop. All of the hand-lettering is beautiful and there is something for every budget which is amazing.
  • This project about creating a map from handwritten/drawn directions from strangers is so epic. Definitely worth checking out just to admire it all. 
  • Bombay Bicycle Club just dropped their new album So Long, See You Tomorrow. It's different, but no less amazing than previous albums so you should at least listen to it once through and tell me what you think. Also, this oldie from Stars has been on repeat. 
  • I'm totally loving these bright storage bins from Urban Outfitters, they must be mine.
What are somethings your loving from around the web? Also, what are you up to this weekend? Until tomorrow blog readers...

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  1. Cute gifs lol! And, you do sound really busy, but I like being busy. Makes me feel like I'm actually being productive with my life. My weekend is going to consist of studying and catching up on all my TV shows!

  2. thanks for sharing the "changing your dreams" post - really needed it!

    xx fameliquorlove


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