Very Inspiring Blog Award (+ 7 Things About Me)

April 09, 2014

Recently I was selected by Marlee over at Marlee and You for the Very Inspiring Blog Award! How awesome has this week been? I always love completing things like these because it gives me an excuse to share some facts about myself. So much fun! If you'd like to participate, scroll on down to the bottom.

My Facts:
  1. I've been working on a novel since junior year of high school. I've always enjoyed writing stories, ever since elementary school, but I haven't ever stuck with an original piece this long. It's a story that has truly evolved over time with me and I have written a majority of it by hand, on paper. I don't aim to publish it, but I do aim to finish it. It's my baby.
  2. Chocolate is not my go-to sweet. I know, I'm failing the female race everywhere by not be a self proclaimed chocolate addict. If given the choice between chocolate and apple pie, I'll probably always go apple pie. Chocolate is more of a like than a love.
  3. I hadn't seen 10 Things I Hate About You until this year. This may have been the biggest mistake possibly ever. Kat Stratford is everything. Obsessed.
  4. April & May are my least favorite months for whatever reason. I don't know if I just dislike transitory nature of them or hate all the raining it seems to do. In the past, they've just been emotionally draining months.
  5. Since HIMYM ended and Vampire Diaries is on hiatus for another week or so, I've been lacking for tv to watch. I started watching The 100, but it's been slow. Anyone have any really great Netflix/TV recommendations?
  6. I like to go to Barnes and Noble in my spare time. Bookstores are just one of those amazingly happy places for me. Everything is so quiet and calm and it smells like new books and coffee. Amazing.
  7. I prefer tea over coffee. I love coffee, don't get me wrong. It's amazing, but it usually hurts my stomach so it tends to be a rare treat rather than a daily remedy for fatigue. Tea is much more gentle and I'm endlessly fascinated regarding all the different types out there. What are y'all's favorite teas/coffee orders?
The Rules:
  • Link the person who nominated you.
  • List and display the rules.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know they have been nominated.
My Nominations: 
I'm extending my nominations to all of you! Anyone and everyone who would like to play along is welcome! If you participate, let me know by linking your post here in the comments!

Y'all are all inspiring to me! Have a happy rest of your week!

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  1. I also prefer tea over coffee. I'm too caffeine sensitive to drink coffee. lol. I also love bookstores!

  2. Congratulations on your award! It was really interesting to read the little titbits about you. x

  3. Bookstores really are amazing places, and it's fun to people watch! I enjoy tea, but it doesn't pick me up enough!

  4. Hi! I'm over from the tea party link up (a bit late sorry!) and I found this post while looking around your blog and it's really cool. I feel your list could be about me! tea over coffee, bookstores, season change, love for kat stratford, not a chocolate addict, writing a novel! my gosh it's uncanny! It's always cool to find people who have similar likes and quirks :) also, I don't know if you have ever watched Grimm, but it's my go-to series right now!

  5. I love finding discovering people with the same little quirks! It's one of my favorite things about blogging! I've never watched Grimm, but have heard awesome things all around. Still looking for something to fill my Netflix void so I'll have to give it a shot! Thanks for the recommendation! xoxo


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