When It Doesn't Work Out: Why I'm On The Hunt for New Digs

June 26, 2014

I was on the beach trudging through the white hot sand whilst attempting to keep an overly floppy beach hat on my head, a hand of a certain four year old interlaced with my own, loaded down with two beach chairs and a beach bag full of sunscreen when I got the call. I got the call that no student searching for her first solo apartment wants to ever get, especially four months after putting down a deposit on a well researched piece of perfect property.

Upon answering the phone I was excited. I recognized it as the number from my future apartment complex and answered the phone fully expecting to get an update on my impending fall apartment. I was supposed to be called in May to be made aware of my specific apartment, it's unit number and location. I answered and a kind voice asked for me. The conversation started out well enough. "Yes, Miss Springer I'm calling to give you an update on your apartment situation. Unfortunately, I hate to inform you that it appears there won't be any available one bedroom units opening for your requested move in date for the fall. Now, we can keep you on a waiting list if something becomes available or you can provide us an address in which to refund your deposit."

The words didn't even hit me at first. They didn't feel real. This couldn't be right, right?

"But I was told that I would for sure be able to get in...100% guaranteed I was told. I put down a deposit the first week of March. I was even told that since I had done everything so early that I could even have preference on which floor I wanted," I rapidly replied. I was in shock and seconds from tears without even fully realizing it.

"Well any other year this would've been the case, but we had nearly 90% of our residents renew which is abnormally high," the voice on the other end, whom I now hated, returned.

After questioning him about earlier and later possible move in dates (nothing before my requested move in date and nothing until two months after was available) and upgrading to a two bedroom (only one available and out of my price range), I told him to keep me on the waiting list for the foreseeable future while I let the news sink in.

I was so in shock. I had done everything right. I had made spread sheets full of facts, checked out numerous apartment complexes that met my criteria (close to school - preferably on a bus route, reasonable price range, and decently up-to-date concerning interior and appliances), asked all the hard questions, taken tour upon tour, and put down my deposit well before many of my peers. Most importantly, for the first time, I had done it on my own. There were no parents and no roommates. Just me and my apartment. It felt like a huge step into a newer, deeper independence that I had been able to accomplish this task.

Then, in an instant and completely out of my control, it had all crumbled beneath me. So I'm headed back to my college town for two days to sort out this nightmare of an apartment mess. I remain hopeful though.

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  1. Oh my gosh that's terrible! And they waited all this time to tell you? Wow good luck with the flat hunt, it's definitely something I hate to do!

  2. Yes! I have roughly a month until what I need as a move in date. I'm really feeling the pressure, but I feel like I've found something decent. Fingers crossed this gets taken care of! It's been a complete nightmare, but realizing the situation was entirely out my hands has been helpful. Wishing you well and thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Ugh. That is terrible. We had a similarly ridiculous situation attempting to find lodgings in San Francisco. Honestly, apartment hunting is the literal worst. I hope you get it all worked out.


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