Bid Day Do's & Don'ts

August 27, 2014

We have one of the largest bid days in the U.S.!

Hey everyone! How's your week going? I just started school Monday and I already feel slightly overwhelmed looking at a whole semester's worth of due dates. However, this past Sunday I wrapped up my last sorority recruitment and celebrated Bid Day. There was something extra special and awesome about this Bid Day. Maybe it was because this one was one of my favorite themes we've ever had or maybe because it was my last one as a member. I'm not sure, but either way Bid Day was the inspiration for this post because while I was jumping up in down at the Greek Theater, face painted, waiting for the new babies to open their bids I was thinking back to Bid Days gone by and what I wish someone would've told me.


  • Go All Out - What's your sorority's theme? Ours was Delta Delta Delta Draft and girls went all out with painted faces, athletic socks, whistles, bows, glitter, etc. We completely decked ourselves out and you should too! The theme is half the fun and there's very few days a year where you can go all out in a costume worthy get up during daylight hours and have it be extremely encouraged. 
  • Get There Early - Get to the Bid Day festivities early! Soak it all in from beginning to end. Be there to help set up, get anything you need to prepare, take pictures with fellow sisters, and anything else. Getting there early is essential!
  • Have Fun - Yell, chant, sing, and dance around! They usually play music at our bid day and half the fun is dancing around and acting silly with your sisters while you wait for PNMs to open bids. No matter how your bid day is structured don't forget that having fun is one of the most important elements to a successful/happy bid day experience. 
  • Take Lots of Pictures - This one should be pretty self explanatory, but don't let capturing the perfect experience on your phone ruin having the perfect experience in the moment! Embrace it all! 


  • Forget to Bring Water/Sunscreen - Somehow Bid Day always ends up being one of the hottest days of the year. If your bid day has any outdoor element part to it (almost all of ours is outdoors), don't forget to drink lots of water and sunscreen it up. Last year about 4 girls passed out from the heat and there's nothing scarier or more of downer on what's supposed to be a happy day.
  • Pregame - Drinking before Bid Day sounds lots of fun in theory, but I promise it's not. Most bid days occur early in the morning or early afternoon and no one likes somebody who's smashed before ten in the morning (that's just a general life rule). You won't be fully present, able to help the new members, be of any use setting up, and if your bid day is outside then you'll be more susceptible to feeling faint/ill if it's particularly hot. Also, there will be so many parents/advisers/officers/alumni in attendance and showing them your sloppier side shouldn't be on your agenda. You're begging to be sent to standards. So, if you're of age, save the hard celebrating until a more appropriate time.
  •  Scare The New Members - Remember when you were a new member? Yeah, your first couple hours as a new member on Bid Day are a complete whirlwind. So much information, chaos, and excitement surrounds these new babies on Bid Day. Don't overload or overwhelm them. Be understanding that they need to be shown the ropes, but not all of them within the first hour. Be supportive and understanding and as helpful as you can as they adjust to how things are done!


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