September 24, 2014

(yay, I have two eyes again!)

Feeling: Hopeful, inspired, and tired.

Watching: Currently I'm re-watching How I Met Your Mother, since Netflix pulled Dawson's Creek. I've recently gotten into Outlander and am desperately awaiting the return of Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story, which will be here soon!

Eating: I've been craving lots of rice, bread, and sweet warm things lately. I suppose it's the cooler weather that's got me jonesing for comfort food, but I don't mind (for the moment) because minute rice and boxes of spaghetti are super friendly to my college budget.

Listening to: Really loving the band Bleachers, the Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack, the 90's Country Pandora station and the song Don't by Ed Sheeran. All of the aforementioned have been on repeat for the past week.

Working on: getting up earlier and having slower, more peaceful morning, remembering to do my Spanish online homework every other day, a new project for my advanced design class, reading more before bed instead of being on my phone, embracing "love" (the kind not necessarily directed at me), saving $, and giving my small apartment space some fall appropriate modifications on the cheap.

Excited about: submitting my application for that Art History scholarship, gym dates with Jenny 2-3x a week, getting a library card, reading lots and lots, coming home to a house that smells like pumpkins, cool mornings, having two eyes again, the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby, seeing Jack this past weekend, saying "hi" to neighbors, feeling put together again, and the impending weekend ahead.

Online Loving: This Blog, This Blog Post, This Recipe This Free Printable.


What have you been up to?

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  1. Library card for the WIN. And wait -- Netflix pulled Dawson's Creek?? I just finished binge watching that show very, very recently. Lastly, the 90's Country Pandora station is totes my jam.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  2. First, yay for two eyes! Glad you recovered! And two, Outlander equals awesome! I love this show and since I'm moving to Scotland soon I'm super excited haha


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