Things I Don't Have Time For

November 19, 2014

This post was unabashedly inspired by Jenna Marble's videos entitled "Things I Don't Have Time For." I found myself nodding along and laughing to a lot of what she said. It got me thinking about all the things in my life I just don't have time for. Here are a few:

  • Waiting for things to charge (i.e. phone/camera/computer) - it either gets done at night while I'm sleeping, or it doesn't get done at all. Same goes for a load of dishes in the dishwasher.
  • "Buffering" when I'm trying to watch a show online - I don't have a TV, so my main source of watching shows is online. Whether it be Netflix, Youtube, or, I just don't have time to wait around for you to buffer. I have a life to live and lots of shows to catch up on in one setting. Let's get the show on the road.
  • People that walk 3 across on the sidewalk - If you do this, I hate you. You're taking up the entire sidewalk and odds are that you and your friends are walking slow as hell because you're just so absorbed in whatever conversation you happen to be having. Be considerate of those behind you trying to get somewhere.
  • People that stop abruptly while walking - This is a bit of an expansion off of the one above. There's few things worse than going about your walk to class at reasonable pace only to have someone stop dead in their tracks right in your path. Get off your phone. Step aside to say hi to a friend that's just passed you coming the opposite direction. Just get out my way. 
  • Paying my utilities anywhere other than online - I've been in my apartment for over three months now and I have yet to go pay my utilities in person. With everything being online, it's just so much more efficient to do it on my own time.
  • Online homework - It's just so dang easy to forget.
  • Thanksgiving to get here before starting to psyched about Christmas - I don't care if it's only the beginning of November, I want to start listening to Christmas tunes now! I want to start decorating and getting excited about the holiday season now! Who can possibly wait until after Thanksgiving?!
  • Doing laundry every week - Sometimes weekly laundry just doesn't happen. I have to pay to do my laundry so I often try to do it every other week. There's nothing wrong re-wearing a pair of jeans or a cute outfit no one saw you in. If you haven't done this, than you've already accomplished so much more in your life than I ever have.
  • Trying on clothes while shopping - I've gotten to a point in my life where I have very little interest in trying on every article of clothing I'm considering buying. I pretty much know what will and what won't look good on my body. If I'm iffy, then I usually just pass. Of course there's some exceptions to this rule, but on an average trip to Target don't expect me to hit the fitting rooms. 
  • Coming home every night and cooking - I'm sorry, but after a full day of school, internship, and sorority commitments the last thing I want to try and do when I mosey in the door is try to be a domestic goddess. God invented take out and drive thru for a reason, right?
  • Driving to school, then having the bus take me up to actual campus - The struggle to get to and from school quickly is always a process. A process I truly don't have time for. Psh.
  • People trying to stop me on the way to class - No, I don't want to sign up for your club, enter your raffle, go online and do anything, donate money to whatever, learn about God, or sit through a seminar about your summer camp. Pass!
  • To wash my hair everyday - My hair has gotten to be ridiculously long recently and washing my hair everyday sounds like a nightmare. To wash, dry, and style it would take a ridiculous amount of time - time I just don't care to waste on something as frivolous as my hair. Plus, dry shampoo is literally one of the most excellent and useful beauty products, so why not utilize it?
What are some things you just don't have time for? Let me know!

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