Friday Link Love

July 10, 2015

Happy Friday! The summer is flying by faster than the speed of light right now. Work and my personal life are busy busy busy, but I have been finding so much peace and excitement blogging her at DL more regularly. Here's some lovely links I've been mooning over this past week:

  1. For every twenty something, wine curious newbie here's how to pair your wine with food. Take note.
  2. Love Londoners with amazing style, Pinterest worthy hair, and cat eyes on the daily? Me too! Chloe from The Little Plum is my latest style blog obsession.
  3. Here's 3 twists on a Moscow Mule. Give them a try this weekend!
  4. These Smores Rice Krispie Treats look like they're easy to make and so yummy. May make these for my boyfriend some time next week.
  5. How to create mermaid waves, for those of us who are hair illiterate (aka me).
  6. If there aren't enough ways to use pineapples in the world, try using them as a vase this summer. 
  7. Reese Witherspoon is now on Pinterest
  8. This notebook set is so fun. Love the gold foil!
  9. Dying to add this candle to my home. Sea salt + bay rum? I think yes.
  10. Loving using The Nectar Collective's free resource library for bloggers!

Have a happy weekend!

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