July 21, 2010

Wow. I Reserved This URL A Long Time Ago Because I Always Knew I'd Get Around To Using It! This Is The 'Morethandynamic' Text Blog!

I Am Truly In Love With My Inspiration Blog. It's Full Of Everyday Pretty Things. Inspirations & Interactive Posts. It's A Very Quick Snapshot To My Life & My Feelings. Instantly Everything Is Conveyed Artistically Through Pictures, Music, & Feelings. This Is The More Expanded Version If You Will.

This Text Blog Won't Have 'Inspiration' Pictures But More Personal Things. This Is The More In Depth Version Of My Inspiration Blog. It's Going To Be About My Everyday Life Through Written Word Versus Pictures & Pretties. I Will Be Managing Both Of These Blogs & Committing Equal Time To Them So Don't Think That I'm Quitting My Most Beloved Inspiration Blog.

I'm Ready To Get Back To My Real Blogging Roots. I've Managed About Four Blogs Over The Past Two Years But None Of Them Have Seem To Stick. They've All Been Spur Of The Moment & I've Easily Tired Of Them/Quit. I'm Looking Forward To Starting Up Again.

Official Posting Starts Either Later Today or Tomorrow Morning!
Let The Blog Rituals Begin! :)

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