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July 21, 2010

I Just Updated With A New 'Pretty! Pretty!' Post On The Inspiration Blog♥. It Feels So Good To Finally Get Some Productive Posts Up There! Ahaha.

Well Now It's Time To Start Obsessively Blogging...At Least It's A Change From Aimlessly Facebooking, Right? So Lately I've Been Working On Some Artwork. It's Really Strange For Me Because I Don't Really Take On Art Projects On My Own. Unless It's Graphic Design I'm Pretty Strictly An 'In-Class' Type Of Girl. However, I Have Completed Two Pieces This Week Which I'm Uber Excited/Proud Of. The First Is A Pencil Drawing Of A Couple & The Second Was Supposed To Be Based On This Sizzling Image Of Taylor Lautner (My Hubby...Aka Lauts of Hots! JK) But I Forgot Just How Unforgiving Oil Pastels Really Are. It's Black & White Oil Pastels...Resembles Nothing Of Taylor Lautner But It's Acceptable. It Just Shows Me How Much I Need To Work On Figure Drawing & Oil Pastels In General. I Feel Like I Haven't Worked With Oil Pastels Since Like The 8th Grade.

Oh Dear. Anywho, Today Has Been Mostly A Bore. Watching My Brother, Facebook, Showering, Eating My Weight In Whatever I Can Find, Regretting That, & Maybe A Movie or Two. I Also Briefly Chatted With Callista Marie (My Best Friend). Callista & I Have Been Friends Since The Fifth Grade & We're About To Be Seniors! Whoa, Scary! We've Been Enjoying, Recently, TONS Of Skype Dates. Gah, Skype Is The Best! However, I Did Get This Blog Up So I Do Feel Slightly Productive!

I Realized In Light Of All My Slothing Around I Need To Get Back On Some Type Of Schedule. All This Random Stay Up Til Three AM & Wake Up Whenever The Hell Is Just Not Cutting It. It's Messing Up My Sleeping/Eating/General Productivity & That Has Got To Change. So I Made Myself I Schedule I Fully Intend To Stick To Starting Tomorrow. Would You Like To Hear?

8:45-->Wake Up
10:00-->Tanning (Because I'm Getting Sooo Pale!)
11:00-->Computer Time

So, I Really Hope To Get At Least That Accomplished! It Should Set Me Right :)
Well, Enough Me Already! Be Back In The Morn...Or Perhaps Later Tonight (At Like Three AM When I'm Bored Out Of My Mind).


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