Breaktime For A New Book;

August 17, 2010

I've Been Feeling Inspired. However, I've Been Feeling Restless.
I Have A Lot I've Been Wanting To Get Accomplished In My Personal Life. School Starts Back Thursday & I've Yet To Pick Out 'A-Back-To-School-Outfit' Or Prepare My Supplies. My Room Needs Cleaning & I've Been Working On Some Back-To-School Esque Type Projects I Can't Seem To Finish. Also, I Just Got A New Book Today Which I'm Excited To Read. I Haven't Read In Over A Month & I Miss That Quiet Solace. I Haven't Written Anything Meaningful Either.

So, I Think It's Time For A Timeout. At Least Until I Start Getting My Stuff Together. I Need To Get Myself Ready For Back To School & Really Soak Up The Rest Of This Summer So That I Can Channel All Of This Creativity & Inspiration I've Been Feeling!

Don't Worry, I'm Not Going Anywhere. I Just Felt The Need To Vent. I'll Probably Be Back Tonight With A Picture Post From Tami's Birthday Dinner! Okay?

For The Meantime, Here I Come Productivity!

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