The Great Bedding Debate;

July 12, 2011

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College is next month and I've got so much piling up on my plate. One thing I've not prepped for yet? My dorm room. It's sort of been pushed menacingly to the back burner as I attempt to figure out the scary grown up world of loans, financial aid, working extra shifts, and...yah to pump my own gas and deposit my own checks.

My biggest woe of the moment? BEDDING. FRIGGIN' BEDDING. I'm in a bedding pickle I just can't seem to commit to anything. Do I go for cheaper bedding that I like, but am not totally sold on (example 1)? Do I try to go for bedding that already matches things that I own, so I don't have to buy new color coordinated items for my whole room (examples 1&2)? Or do I go for white bedding (example 4)? It's neutral and I can spice it up fun and colorful sheets and pillows. Sheets are way less expensive than brand new bedding and I can get a variety of looks. However, isn't white bedding is just asking to get soiled with stains?

The one piece of bedding I'd commit to in a hot second would be example 3. It's bright, incorporates a bit of white space, is whimsical, and has a variety of colors that would match my current stuff. However, they only have it in Queen sized. I need twin or full sized bedding. -Sigh-

What to do?

Any suggestions, links to your favorite bedding, pillows, sheets, dorm or room apparel etc would be highly appreciated! How did you decorate your dorm room or bedroom? Any tips?

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  1. Awww...this brings back so many sweet memories! I will never forget my first dorm room...I thought my decorations were so AWESOME (mostly Beatles posters and butterflies that hung from the ceiling.) Kind of embarrassing now. Good luck!!!

  2. Oh how fun, I love decorating! For my current bedroom I went for a plain white duvet and then accented it with floral vintage pillow cases.

    Hope that helps in some way! It's quite a cheap option too :)

  3. i love the third option :)

  4. Oh Lord I'm currently re-doing our bedroom and I can't decide on bedding. Which pretty much means I can do anything else! I do love the blues and greens though. Let us know what you decide! xo

  5. i really like the First one but i also like the one with the dear on it.....


  6. Although my favourite one is definitely number 3, i'd go for number 4. White is always a good choice, and I'm sure you'll decorate your room with lots of colourful stuff so it would look just perfect.
    Good luck!

  7. They are all so gorgeous! I have to agree with Lily : White (or other neutral colors like cream, beige, etc) are always easier to match with the rest of your stuff, in my opinion.
    Anyway I'm sure your room will be beautiful since you seem to have such a great taste!

  8. So without reading the text yet I picked the one I'd go for--option 3. But lo and behold! You've already ruled that one out. I'd say white, but in a college dorm it WILL get dirty and you WILL NOT want to do laundry. Ever. Maybe a neutral pattern would be nice.

    I'm with you, this is a conundrum.

  9. glad you liked the award:)you have such a sweet blog!you're sweet yourself too:)

  10. My favorite would be any type of white or solid color comforter/duvet, (maybe like a ruffly Anthro one), then you can spice it up with fun pillows or my favorite, a patchwork quilt:-) Kind of shabby chic! xoxo

  11. I freaking loove this post! i love love love all this better! i honestly couldnt even begin to pick which one would be my favourite! i love 'em all!
    xo, Lauren


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