Movie Wrap-Up;

August 22, 2010

Name: Vampires Suck
Genre: Comedy/Spoof
Rating: PG13
Length: 83 Minutes (1 Hour & 13 Minutes)
Actors/Actresses: Marcella Baer
Synopsis: Here
My Comments: From the all the trailers and commercials I've seen on TV, I thought this movie was going to be terribly funny. I have a thing for liking perfectly horrible spoofs. Unfortunately, the trailers captured almost every really funny moment the movie had in store. This movie almsot attempted to be legit at the beginning but towards the end turned into the typically trashy cheesey spoof I had expected. There were some really funny moments and some that were just plain ridiculous and eye-roll worthy. There were lots of admirable attempts at humor in there but none of those attempts ever resonated as laugh-out-loud funny if you know what I mean (ex: Becca vs Bella, Sullen vs Cullen, Sporks vs. Forks) You see what I'm saying? It's a delightful stab at the vampire culture so if you have about $8 to waste and over an hour of free time, why the hell not go see it?
Things You Should Know: There are going to be very immature people in the theater that laugh at EVERYTHING (even if it's not funny). You may sit and wonder what exactly the rating on the movie is at a few points in time. & more likely than not you'll have to eye-roll.
Overall Rating: ♥♥*

Name: Eat, Pray, Love
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Rating: PG13
Length: 140 Minutes (2 Hours and 20 Minutes)
Actors/Actresses: Julia Roberts/James Franco
Synopsis: Here
My Comments: I wanted to read the book before I saw this movie. I'd heard about the book over a year ago but alas, no such luck found me as I found my seat in theater to watch 'Eat, Pray, Love.' I've seen the trailers and commercials on TV. I was instantly amped to go and terribly smitten with the background music 'Dogs Day Are Over' by Folrence and The Machine. This movie was deeply inspiring. It made my creative awaken and made me want to fulfill myself with the same exploration and contentment the main character experiences. The last movie I saw with Julia Roberts ('Duplicity') was a total bust for me but she was deeply excellent in this role. There was humor, romance, struggle, exploration, finding/loving yourself, letting go, beauty, and other issues we all face in our mental realm. It's more than a typical chick-flick. It's perfect and one of the best movies I've seen in a long while. I was so inspired that after seeing this, I have no idea if the book will do it justice!
Things You Should Know: It's over two hours, 'nuff said!
Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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