Blog Disaster, Newness, & Labor Day;

September 07, 2010

Ugh! I know! I know! My text blog looks pretty terrible right now! I was sick of my old layout because it wasn't very user friendly. I'm in the works of getting a new blog layout customized and hopefully it should be up by the weekend! I'm sick of looking at this mismatched mess! I need something user friendly, simple, but still effortlessly pretty! Wish me luck! (:

Otherwise, life is all right. I have some fun picture posts in store, (such as) Friday night football game pictures/posts/followups & a very short series of posts documenting my favorite vintage pieces! Fun, right? Also, once the 30daychallenge on the InspirationBlog♥ wraps up tomorrow I'm going to be announcing a full feature's list detailing all the featured blog posts one can see on the site! I'm adding new features and bringing back some old ones. I'm sooo excited to share!

I had a fabulous long Labor Day weekend! I slept in til ten or eleven, enjoyed lazying around, fun sunny late afternoon drives with the family (I should've brought my camera! ahhh!), walks around the neighborhood, blogging, online window shopping, hanging out with the best-friends, and so much more! I have some video I really need to edit together for a new episode of 'Escaping Cabot' since it's been awhile! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

I know it's only Tuesday but I am so ready for Friday to roll around!
Love, Love.

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