My Wittle Jack Update;

October 04, 2010

A Few Pictures From Some Of The Last Webcam Sessions With My AppleJack (:

Isn't He Such A Cutie?
I think he's been feeling under the weather lately because he's been letting me baby him. Usually, he hates being bombarded by loves and kisses. He'd much rather run around, play, and do his own thing. He woke up with a runny nose, so we're keeping an eye on him. He didn't take a good nap today which only means he's destined to be crabby this evening. -sigh- But for now, he's playing and letting me cuddle him a bit more than I'm normally allowed.

He's getting bigger and bigger each and everyday and he's such a smart little guy (no matter how impatient/demanding)! He can say 'eyes,' 'nose,' & 'dog' now. He points out his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears if you ask and if he's willing. We discovered he has a newfound dislike for elevators, dark rooms, and public restrooms. Who could blame him? He does his own thing. He's exploring everything. He's so outgoing! His second Halloween is coming up this month and I'm tickled pink! We've got matching costumes and I just know he'll love this whole experience! Last year, he was only a few months old. Now, I really think he'll enjoy looking at all the decorations, eating whatever candy mum will allow him, and all of the people! He'll be simply fascinated!


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