Spirit Week, An Intro;

October 06, 2010

This week is spirit week & as a Senior it was time to do it up big! Unfortunately, in typical Ashlee fashion, I've forgotten my camera these past few days. Monday was Fan-Day (wear your favorite team's attire), Tuesday was Color Day (Seniors sported purple, Juniors were in blue, and Sophmores wore green), & Today was Character Day (dress up as your favorite character from tv/movies/plays/real-life/etc).

I've participated loyally each and every day! Monday was pretty low-key but otherwise people have been going all out! Color Day is what really got everyone going. Lots of people made home-made purple senior t-shirts, wore purple wigs, sprayed purple glitter dye into their hair, wrapped purple/white bandannas around their heads with purple lettering, wore purple knee high socks, purple jackets, and purple shoes. I counted over five purple tutus and one massive pair of purple fairy wings! I dressed pretty low-key in comparison! I donned a purple shirt, purple flats, and a purple t-shirt. Here's a mild example of what everyone was sporting around:

My Good Friend Katelyn & Her Friend Ashley

Today was Character Day & I must admit that there were some amazing costumes! Here's a brief list of what I saw today:
  • Chik-Fil-A Cow (Complete With Sign Saying 'Eat More Chikin')
  • (2) Lady Gaga's (One Had Silver Balloons Safety Pinned To Her Like Gaga's Bubble Dress!)
  • Several Cowboys & Cowgirls
  • Darth Vader & Jedi Galore
  • Pikachu
  • Tony The Tiger
  • Spngebob
  • Barbie (Blonde Wig & Floor Length Pink Prom Gown)
  • (5) Snookies (From The Jersey Shore!)
  • French Fries
  • Superman/Super Girl
  • Fred Flinstone & Wilma
  • Batman/Bat Girl
  • Several Pirates
  • Lots & Lots Of Those Slutty Poofy Skirted Girl Costumes With Leggings Shoved Underneath
  • Wonderwoman
  • Several Thing 1 & thing 2's
  • Biker
  • Thomas The Train
  • Witches
  • Mini Mouse
  • Andy & Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Mrs. Frizzell
  • Tinkerbell & Several Other Faires
  • Old Woman
  • The Couple From 'Up'
  • Frankenstein

There were so many more really awesome ones! I sported a Super Woman costume! Haha! It was so fun to walk around in character all day! I got laughed at, told what a cute costume it was, and I got comments from random strangers. I loved every second of it! I threw on a pair of skinny jeans underneath since it was WAY too short for school. I had a cape, wind-blown hair, glittery eye shadow, & knee-high boots to complete the look! I'm so, so, so happy I dressed up! Callie & I managed to pose for one picture at the very end of the day, but I look so blah! I promise the rest of the day I looked so much better, plus my costume is bunched because I was sitting! Eek! She was Snookie! Haha! Take A Gander:

Callie & I In 7th Period

I Promise Much Better Documentation Of Spirit Week In The Next Two Days! Tomorrow Is Mis-Match-Day!

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