17 While 17;

March 21, 2011

I did a post last year the day before my birthday called '16 While 16' that you can read here♥. Here are seventeen things I did while I was seventeen:

1. I attended Governor's School and had one of the best summers of my life
2. I went 124 down the road, raced cars, got the movie theaters mixed up, visited the Big Dam(n) Bridge, got lost, didn't come home til after midnight, and then got in a lot of trouble for it (worth it, though!)
3. I got my first car and learned how to drive a standard
4. I survived softball and a lot of conditioning
5. I got a hot pink strip dyed into my hair
6. I had the best time with the best group of friends (and our matching color dates)
7. I told my crush how I felt and got rejected (and did a lot of crying, but evenutally got over it)
8. I opened myself up to a lot of new friends I wouldn't have otherwise met (Cody, Vasu, etc)
9. I learned that 'you don't fall off the cool/mainstream wagon, you jump the hell off' (thanks, Dad for the wisdom)
10. I applied to colleges, got lots of scholarships, and decided which one I want to attend
11. I re-evaluated my goals and what I want out of life (and feel both scared and contented by this fact)
12. I've learned to appreciate your youth and learned finally why it's not cool to grow up too fast
13. I saw Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1
14. I discovered Tumblr and the world of excessive prettiness/lovely
15. I've placed second in statewide math competition (Haha!)
16. I've learned how little time it takes someone to change and how forgiveness isn't always an option
17. I had a lot of great memories with my brother Jack and of Senior Year in general

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