My Favorite Nude Lipsticks (9 Shades + Reviews)

October 26, 2016

Every girl has that one particular shade or hue that they just can't stay away from. For me I'm always on the hunt for the perfect nude lip. I love shades that give my pout the whole "your lips, but better look" so that is why my nude lipstick choices tend to ring a bit more rose or pink than brown in their undertone. So buckle up because I've culled and compared my collection just so I could swatch and report on my favorite nine shades of nude lip products

Model Co. Lip Lacquer Gloss in "Creme Brulee"
I got this in a monthly Birchbox as a sample and was glad to see that it competed with Kylie Cosmetic's "So Cute" lipgloss. I eventually passed on the Kylie Gloss (I found it very goopy, the smell super synthetic, and wasn't a fan of the brush applicator) and kept this one. I like the doe-foot applicator, it's glossy finish, and the overall pigmentation of the product. I feel like it lasts on the lips for a great amount of time! I don't know that it's my favorite gloss of all time, but I do feel like it is a solid option. I've applied two coats here to show the true color and pigmentation, but I typically wear one coat which is sheerer.

Bite Beauty Multistick in "Blondie"*
I reviewed this color extensively HERE. However to quickly recap: the pigmentation is nice, it glides on smoothly, and the formula is cream to powder. Because of the powdery finish I would recommend topping with a gloss or using a creamy lipliner underneath since it can be the tiniest bit drying. I find that this color washes me out a bit, but still highly recommend for fairer or deeper skin tones!

FLOWER Beauty Kiss Stick in "LS1 - Set Me Freesia"
This Kiss Stick by FLOWER was a delightful surprise for me. I tend to favor warm tones, but this color rides the line between cool beige nude and the faintest pink. It is very cool toned in the tube. However, I think it has enough warmth on the lips not to totally wash me out. This lipstick glides on pretty effortlessly, feels soft when applied, and has a light matte finish. It does not "set" down, so it will transfer throughout the day. However, I find is wears off nicely and lasts a decent amount of time.

Lipstick Queen Lipstick in "St. Nude"*
This nude pulls a bit more orangey/coral than Set Me Freesia even though they are very similar in tone. I think this makes St. Nude a great choice for nearly any season. It always makes lips look fresh and ample. The finish of this lipstick is creamy and hydrated in appearance. It has more of a glossy shine to it and is perfect for days when you want something subtle on your lips to enhance them. You can read a more in depth review HERE.

(all of the shades lined up / / switch the FLOWER & Bite tube and they are in perfect order!)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Stockholm"*
This is probably one of the most unique formulas of the bunch! The name "soft matte lip cream" is perfectly descriptive of this product. I find that the product goes on so light that you can barely feel it on the lips. It also glides on the easiest because it is so whipped and creamy feeling. The color pulls to a warm orangey, praline nude. It does take a second to dry down, but once it does the look is an airbrushed matte finish. It has a soft vanilla scent and will transfer throughout the day. I find that if you add this to another lip color you can get the same finish, so it's fun to experiment! The downside is that the overall pigmentation is inconsistent from color to color.

Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipstick in "Warm Me Up"
I think this is one of my favorite shades of nude out there! The color is a perfect balance of pinky, rosy, mauvey, brown goodness. It compliments such a variety of looks because of all the shades it can pull, but I find it definitely compliments purple-ish and plum looks in particular. I love the Maybelline formula! I find that it lasts a good amount of time, even though the lipstick will transfer. It does not "set" like a liquid lipstick. It has a slight fragrance, but I find it doesn't linger post application. The overall feel is creamy and the finish is satin.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix in "Brink"
I was surprised how much I liked Colour Pop's Lippie Stix formula! The lipstick comes in a pen like applicator, with an angled tip for precise application. It is definitely not a liquid lipstick type of consistency. Instead it goes on more like a traditional lipstick. The application is smooth and the pigmentation is really nice on these. The color "Brink" feels like the cousin to Echo Park. They are so similar in shade, but to me "Brink" feels deeper...more brownish than rose. My one gripe about the Lippie Stix is the very synthetic vanilla smell they have. Luckily, it doesn't linger too long after application. These last and wear nice on the lips, but will transfer.

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick in "Echo Park"
This formula has a had a lot of mixed reviews among beauty insiders, but I personally can't complain. This shade is a gorgeous, warm mid-tone nude. It's the right amount of rose/nude to feel feminine and versatile. In my opinion it is a great every day lip color! This liquid lipstick applies easily with a doe-foot applicator since the consistency is very thin and soft. It does dry down on the lips to a chic matte finish, but will transfer throughout the day pretty easily.

NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks in "Soft Spoken"*
This is the deepest shade in my favorites and maybe one of my favorite formulas of liquid lipstick! The wand that comes with this lipstick is a large, flat applicator that makes applying in just a few swipes feasible. The formula is very smooth and suede-like, which definitely means it lives up to it's name. The pigmentation is rich and the formula does dry down to last all day while still being very comfortable. I think this is one of the longest wearing ones of this particular round-up.


(indoors with a flash)

(outside in natural light)

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