What's On My Ipod: V4

May 18, 2011

1. Pale Blue Eyes By Velvet Underground
Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground) by BonusNoise
I love this song. It's beautiful really. I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled across this song. I think it may have been Pandora. Either way, it has been a lovely little slow number in a sea of rap, hip-hop, and more mainstream stuff that's found it's way onto my ipod this week. My favorite part is the second verse, 'thought of you of everything I've had but couldn't keep.' Sigh. So lovely.

2. My Last By Big Sean ft Chris Brown

Listened to this a lot this week too. Discovered it when I was riding around with the boys and Jen. Some songs just stick and this one did. Also makes me think of late nights, summer, the end of highschool, and etc.

3. Down On Me By Jeremih ft 50 Cent
Jeremih - "Down On Me" feat. 50 Cent by 50 Cent
Ridiculously dirty, I know. This song however has been on constant replay for the past week and a lot of good things have happened in the last week. It reminds me of the boys, hanging out with Jen, staying out too late, summer, and riding in that red truck. Good stuff.

4. The Show Goes On By Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On by Dj GameBoy
This song is ridiculously catchy and I discovered it when I was watching the NFL draft. This song puts me in a good mood, I put it on my workout playlist, and feels pretty relevant since I'm about to graduate.

5. Armistice By Pheonix
05 Armistice by NikeMusic
I found this song whilst listening to Sirius Alt Nation. It's stuck with me and for some reason I couldn't resist putting it on my ipod. I always dislike most Pheonix songs right off the bat, but then they grow on me. This one being no exception.

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