Cubicle Fancy Week One;

June 20, 2011

Happy Monday! To celebrate my first week back from vacation and back in the office (joy!) I present to you Cubicle Fancy! Cubicle Fancy is my own  eight week adventure in office attire. This summer, the Monday after I graduated, in fact, I began my first real job. I chose to go a different route than my peers car-hopping at Sonic, babysitting on the weekends, doing manual labor in the heat, checking people out at wal-mart, and serving up fro-yo at the local Tastee Freeze. I was lucky enough to become a receptionist at a small dental office three days a week.

The catch, you may ask to this plushy little air conditioned job? I had nothing to wear. NOTHING. Nada, zip, zero, nothing of my own even close to appropriate for working in an office environment. I'm a teenager. I basically lived in a t-shirt and jeans year around intermixing shoes and outerwear to match the season up until that point. After combing through the depths of my closet (where the unworn items with tags hang), I managed to find a few office worthy pieces that looked grown up enough for office wear.

My selection of office outfits was and remains slim. By the second week of work I'd donned the same pair of black pants three days out of four. That's how Cubicle Fancy feature was born. I'm going to be using my slim office worthy wardrobe and show how I recycle pieces from week to week, jazz up an outfit to make it more age appropriate, and so much more! It's an eight week fashion adventure!

This week I show how to make a boyfriend blazer more age and body appropriate! I was gifted this awesome charcoal gray boyfriend blazer last Christmas, but hadn't had really anywhere to wear it until now. Since I didn't have matching pants, I played it safe with a white top, simple skinny jean, a braided black ballet flat, and a tight ballerina bun. As work appropriate as this look was, I felt drab. I didn't feel like it enhanced it my body or showed off any of my personality.

In this second look, I look much more my age and I'm really dressing for my body type. I pair the blazer with the same white top. Instead of skinny jeans I choose some rolled boyfriend capris, a pair of patent leather black heels (with cushion inserts), and some awesome accessories. The skinny belt matches the shoes and helps define my waist, cinching in the overly large blazer. I wear my hair down and curly and add a a feathered headband for a pop of color. This look is younger and much more stylish! I felt much more chic & confident traipsing off to work after re-imagining this blazer! Little tweaks can make the biggest difference!

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  1. you are adorable! i LOVE that blazer. you look so much like my friend joniece, it's crazy. cute blog!

  2. The blazer looks wonderful! I especially love it belted in! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!



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