What's On My Ipod: V6

June 22, 2011

I've been getting back to my alternative/indie roots this week.

1. Noel Stephen & The Darlings

Came across this ah-mazing band whilst reading Pugly Pixel. I was hooked instantly and listened to their whole album for a solid hour before downloading for free here♥. You can't beat that or this band in my book!

2. "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young
Neil Young - Harvest Moon by morrisday

This was in Elsie and Jeremy's wedding video (which btw I cannot quit watching due to it's amazingness). The song makes me happy and it's been on repeat all week.

3. "Hang On" by Weezer
Hang On - Weezer by isaiahlurssen

Just recently downloaded this to my Ipod two days ago. I heard this late one night on Sirius Alt Nation and I loved it pretty much instantly. It's kind of upbeat and the lyrics really applied to me at the time. I just think it's kind of catchy and refreshing. It stands out amongst all the songs that are like "It's time to let go and move on" and actually (for once) encourages you to "hang on." Weezer is usually hit or miss for me, but I was delighted to find this.

4. "Lengths" by The Black Keys
The Lengths by Dan Street

Downloaded this off a LSTN playlist on the Urban Outfitter's website forever ago, but hadn't given it the time of day until recently. It's lovely and mellow. I'm simply in love with it and the The Black Keys in general. It's one of my favorites this week.

5. "To Be Alone With You" by Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens and Bon IVer by Andrew Smith 4

This is a Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver mix-up which has grown on me. I just recently discovered Sufjan Stevens, but I'm loving everything I can find. "To be alone with you" is soft and wistful. It's perfect to go to sleep to.

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  1. Just randomly found your blog and got to say... love these songs! Thank you for sharing. :)


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