A Wedding & A New Dress;

June 04, 2011

I just attended an early summer wedding this afternoon for a girl I work with. I wore my brand new dress and I felt really amazing! I felt like a bronze bombshell! Haha! Besides the heat index being a 106 degrees, the affair turned out to be surprisingly lovely. I 'ooed' and 'ahhed' over the programs, the cute purple & green clad flower girls, and the dreamy candelit room where the bride and groom exchanged vows. Their color scheme was a fresh array of deep purple and summer green hues and peacock feather accents.

They played Skinny Love by Bon Iver, The Way I Am by Ingrid Michealson, and walked down the aisle to Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The reception consisted of chips and dip, white grape punch in large mason jars with fresh grapes at the botton, ice cold lemon water, and cupcakes from cupcakes on Kavanaugh. I was in heaven the minute I got my hands on a razorback red velvet cupcake! There was plenty of dancing and I met a lot of nice single guys in their early twenties while Mom and I did the Cupid Shuffle & Cha Cha slide.

All in all I had a much better time than I expected ♥

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