The Great Backpack Debate;

July 22, 2011

Since I aired my bedding woes not too long ago via my post 'The Great Bedding Debate,' I thought it'd be only right to share my next major concern. BAGS & BACKPACKS! During my senior year I carried a cute Vera Bradley (example 7's pattern). It was was roomy and I was completely in love with it. However, cute little backpacks aren't made for much wear and tear. After a year and half of daily use it has a few stains, some stitching thats coming undone, and the bottom tubing that's coming out. There simply isn't a way to have confidence that it'll last me long through college.

So, I'm struggling. I need a cute, very roomy and sturdy backpack (enough to hold a laptop, notebook, reading books, sketchbook, etc) that doesn't break the bank! I've compiled a few options that I really like above and most of those options are about $30-$70 (with none being over a $100).  Most of them come in different colors (examples 4-8). Example 8 comes in ivory, black, olive green, and gray. It's safe to say I pretty much adore all the colors!

I'm smitten by florals and unexpected colors like minty green, teal, and peach. Also, I want something fun, but mature. I don't like big logos, lots of words, or messenger bags really. Chic, fun, durable, roomy, affordable and simplistic? It's a big challenge, but I'm up for it!

What are your thoughts/favorites? Do you have a bag that you swear by? What bag did/do you sport during the day (whether it be college, work, or fun)? Any kind of input is much appreciated!

P.S.: I loved all of your comments, suggestions, input, and stories concerning my bedding issue (which is almost resolved! I think I found something really lovely and will definitely share once I take the plunge to buy it)!

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  1. That green one is cute! If it was me that's the one I would be going for :)

  2. i love those bottom two- i just love a good tote right now- because they can fit it all.

  3. I have a baggu duck bag, it's a messenger, but it's unbelievably sturdy. Their backpacks are made out of the same material, I've actually considered buying one myself. Your blog is super cute!


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