Dorm Prints;

July 25, 2011

Here are a few 8.5x11 prints that I made for my dorm. They're printed on high quality glossy photo paper (which explains the glare in some of the shots) and I'm really thrilled with how lovely they turned out. I'm going to put them in D.I.Y Polaroid frames to make my future dorm room room feel a little bit more like home!

I really am pleased with the way they turned out and I'm going to be adding a third print soon. I'm not sure what it's going to be yet, but I'm really excited to personalize my space. Suggestions? Ever since about twelve or thirteen I've been obsessed with hanging inspiring collages on my walls and now I'm venturing into my own prints! I have big plans for my dorm room and I can't wait to share them soon! -Sigh-

So, what makes your house feel like home? Is it a favorite art print, a cozy quilt, a D.I.Y jewelry holder, a photo wall or your thermos collection? I'd love to know!

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  1. Oh I love these prints. Great way to spruce up a dorm room. I always love having loads of pictures every where of people I love. That always makes me feel cozy and at home.


  2. I hope your dorm room is everything that you want it to be!

    My favorite thing in our duplex is the quilt I got from Jared's dad's house. The lady who passed away and owned the house previously knitted it by hand and it's a beautiful green & turquoise color. I love it.

  3. They look so wonderful <3 I always had lots up on my wall when I was in uni halls! It definitely makes you feel closer to home!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. I love your prints! I have a few printed off and pinned above my computer to keep me motivated and concentrating on the positives in life.

    It is having my artwork on the walls that makes my place feel like home. I am moving in Sept and have grand plans for new pieces to make and hang!

    Laura x

  5. These are fantastic! They are also about a million times cooler than the 'Animal House' poster I had in my college dorm room ;)

  6. Oh these prints are so lovely! Your dorm room is gonna be so pretty!


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