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July 17, 2011

I had a dream last night about posting this feature, so I guess it's safe to say I look forward to this feature most each week. I get to share such pretty things! Here are some of the prettiest things that have caught my eye this week: 

Pretty Pillows (via Proud Mary)

Pretty Customized Luggage Tags (via Of The Fountain)

I'm Pretty Obsessed With Trendy College Websites (such as CollegeGloss, CollegeCrush, and CollegeCandy)

Pretty Yummy Roasted Tomato & Jalapeno Ketchup & Guilt Free Fry Recipe (via Frolic)

Pretty Inspirational Desktops (via Kyla Roma)

Pretty & Easy DIY Curls (via ABeautifulMess)

Pretty In Love With Danielle's Blog-petition Post (via Somtimes Sweet)

Pretty Lovely Mini Goal Chalkboards (via Mary Kate McDevitt)

My Heart Skips A Beat For These Pretty Recycled Pencils! (via Moxie)

The End Was Pretty Magical (via weheartit)

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  1. Those leather tags are rather aweeeesome! Love it!

    Peace, Love and Puppies
    Raised By Wolves

  2. I love the pretty leather luggage tags!


  3. I am getting that JRR Tolkein quote tattooed on my arm this summer. :) I am also falling in love with your little corner of cyberspace.

  4. Lovely, lovely things! I also enjoyed the hair tutorial, I can't wait to try it out myself!!

    x Michelle |

  5. I love the leather tags! Goodness, they are gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze


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