College Week: College Essentials;

August 24, 2011

In the past week it has become apparent what items are college essentials and which ones are over way over-hyped and essentially useless. Here are a few unexpected essentials I've come to covet over the past week:

*Wearable Must-Haves

Here are a few clothing must-haves. I know you've packed the expected essentials. Underwear? Check. PJ's? Check. Cute dresses and tops to wear to class? Absolutely. The thing that no ones tells you though? Almost everyone in college dresses down. In the past week I haven't seen more than a handful of girls go all out to look cute. Wake up! This certainly isn't high school anymore and it seems people care less and less. Please do not let this fact deter you from being your cute and stylish self. Just know that over time you'll be the one in the baseball cap, school t-shirt, and Nike shorts hustling to the Psych building with little make-up on. 

My advice? Invest in good, sturdy, comfortable shoes. Have a good pair of tennis shoes (good for everyday use and working out) and invest in a go-to casual shoe like the Chaco's above (which are perfect during summer heat). Invest in some casual shorts that are comfortable like Nike Fit shorts. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, are good for class-going, and are perfect for the gym as well. 

Next, get a watch. Above I've pictured the popular candy and neon colored slap watches (oh, elementary school slap bracelet memories are coming back to me) that have been popping up around these parts here lately. I don't care if you're watch is $8 or $8000, just make sure it's set to the correct time. Being on time is essential in college and owning a watch makes time management all the more simplistic! 

*Dorm Room Must-Haves

Something that I've found to be incredibly homey, stylish, and essential to my college dorm room, you ask? A rug! It's something that you wouldn't really put on your college must-haves, but a good rug can really liven up a space and make it feel so much more like home. I share a rug in my living space with my suite-mates and then I have my own personal rug. Get a fun print that'll go with you & your roommates things. Also, make sure to go with a rug that's soft on the feet. Tip: though black is always stylish and chic, it can be problematic as a rug. Everything (and may I just repeat everything) will show up on that black rug. Don't take the plunge unless you'll have a mini vacuum and are dedicated to keeping it clean! My suite-mates and I have learned the hard way! 

Next, you'll definitely want to invest in an over-the-door or floor length mirror. I get ready in front of my every morning. This will be a life saver, I promise. No more rushing to the community bathrooms just to slather on some foundation and no more roommate hogging the mirror. A long mirror runs incredibly cheap, takes up little space (mine fits on the inside of my wardrobe door), and can be hung easily with 3M strips or command hooks!

If you're standing in the aisle at Walmart thinking, "should I get a desk lamp?" The answer is Y-E-S! They fit on your desk perfectly and will be essential when you're working on things (or trying to watch Netflix from your desk where the wireless is the best...ahem...) and you're roommate is attempting to wind down for the night. They come in so many fun colors, are relatively cheap, and some even function as office supplies holders! 

I know lanyards are so incredibly middle school of me (5th grade much?), but I promise after the first time you're searching frantically around your dorm room for your keys and only have five minutes to get to class you'll wish you had one of these babies to save you! Another solution? Attach them to your wallet or get a 3M hook and make yourself a little key hook by the door (I made one after my first key-scare and it's worked like a charm)!

*Classroom Must-Haves

A definite college essential is a USB/Flash-drive that has 2GB or more of storage space. Flash-drives come in a variety of fun colors, shapes, and sizes. Pick the one that's right for you! Even if you don't own a laptop, you can easily transfer any work you do from computer to computer. 

Next, invest in a good backpack. Make sure you can fit a laptop in it. It should be able to carry several notebooks, folders, and supplies comfortably, without straining for space. Pockets are a plus! After all, this is the item lucky enough to carry that freshly printed term paper to your early morning Comp class. Shouldn't it be cute and functional?

On the actual supply front? Well, I heavily recommend the Five Star five subject notebooks with the college ruled paper. I've picked up two at the beginning of each year (since Jr. High) and have not been disappointed! They come in variety of fun colors, have clean tear edges, and work perfectly to divide up all of my classes without a problem. Make sure to also pick up a few folders, one or two binders, a pack of note cards, sticky notes, and any other supplies/text books you might need!

Lastly (and maybe most importantly), please get yourself a planner of some sort! I use the Moleskine planner shown above and love it! Most Universities have official planners (mine does) and are sold relatively on the cheap. The bonus? Usually, all of the campus events and holidays are already written in! So handy!

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  1. i love this. thank you!!! i have most of these covered! :)

  2. Definitely agree with the Moleskine. Love these posts! I'm out of college now, but I miss the preparation...


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