Cubicle Fancy Week Five;

August 04, 2011

It's week five of eight in the Cubicle Fancy series! Can you believe it? If you're new to my blog Cubicle Fancy is a weekly feature (sorry to keep you waiting a bit for this one) where I explore office attire as an eighteen year old student who just landed her first cubicle job. I have/had very little work appropriate pieces, so Cubicle Fancy is all about how I recycle and reinvent my wardrobe to create more professional looks! It's been a lot of fun thus far!

Today, I want to highlight the most basic office staple around, which is the suit. Nice suits that are fitted and reflect your polished style are essentially priceless pieces in a girl's professional wardrobe. However, a nice suit can cost a college girl more money than she can afford! My solution (which happens to be perfect for summer)? The Short Suit!

First off, let me apologize for how ridiculous the above photos come off. It was the hottest day of the year and I literally snapped four pictures of this outfit before running in to change. My expressions are a little crazy (ahem...picture #1?) and I didn't add any cute accessories (though a polished black belt and some silver stud earrings or a bracelet would be absolute perfection)! However, here is my first short suit. 

Admittedly, I did not buy the top and bottom pieces together. The shorts were on sale and the top was something I had from a long time ago (that either needed to be recycled or thrown out). I had nothing to wear the jacket with, until I stumbled upon the shorts. I paired it with black sandals (though a pair of black heels would be chic), a basic white tank, glasses, and black headband. This is a perfect summer suit!

Look number two is way more my style! I've gotten endless compliments on this piece! I bought the two pieces of the suit together (again it was on sale and only a small fraction of what a normal suit would cost). I love the button detail on the pants and to avoid the safari look, I tied the belt off to the side and added prim and proper touches. Underneath I paired this summer suit with a soft tribal printed tank (that I love wearing on weekends with brown shorts), my favorite everyday Coach cross-body bag, metallic gold wedges, and headband. A fun ring or bangle would really make this outfit pop!

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  1. Look #2 is adorable!! Love your wedges..they are not too high and not flats..perfect height!

  2. haha, i LOVE the style of these posts. cubicle makes me laugh and i have no idea why! i guess because it's realistic you know? sometimes when i see "what she wores" i think....Where are they wearing that??


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