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August 13, 2011



{UO and Anthro}

Hello my dearies! Today's 'dorm inspiration' post is in honor of the fact that today I move into my dorm today! Above I've listed some fun, functional, and favorite find for the dorm! In the fun section, I wanted something whimsical and colorful to be represented. Imagine a neutral dorm room with a bright floral rug or that ahmazing gypsy chandelier? Swoon!

 In the favorites section you'll find my latest obsessions. The teal ruffle shower curtain is from Anthropologie. I recently spotted it in store when I went to pick out my bedding and fell in love. There are no words for how utterly gorgeous it is in person. However, a $118 shower curtain wasn't in my college budget. I picked up a plain teal curtain for about $12 to remind me of this lovely find! Lately, I've also been obsessed with the color gray and the pattern Chevron. That rug is the perfect antidote! 

In the functional section, I've listed some neat, simplistic, yet functional items for the dorm. How neat is that white board decal? I think it'd be highly useful in a shared living space or in a dorm room to keep up with to-dos or write inspiring messages! The cable photo hook is also such a functional find for all those photos I plan on taking! No need for frames here! 

What do you think?

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  1. i love them! i'm moving in to my dorm next Friday...eeek!


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