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September 18, 2011

Hey dearies! How's your weekend been? It feels good to take the day off and quit constantly going, going, going all the time! Saturday I slept in until 10, got out of bed at 11, and didn't leave the couch or my comfiest sweats until about 8. Then I got up to go to the mall and grab a bite to eat. It felt good to take full advantage of a lazy/rainy day in the dorm free of homework, sorority duties, or anything else. I also got to talk to my family. Here are some pretties to start your week off on high note:

Pretty Handmade Wallet (via HelloVioleta)

Pretty Awesome Pillow (via Buffalovely)

Pretty Eco-Friendly Colored Pencils (via bls292)

Dying over this pretty pumpkin pie soap (via Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary)

Pretty neat felted geometric soap (via SoFino)

Pretty cute cookies! (via BeesKneesCreative)

Pretty much in love with this article about being a young business owner (via Kara)

Pretty little 2012 diary (via FrankiePress)

Pretty September inspiration/musing (via Weheartit)

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  1. Anonymous9/18/2011

    ahhh! all so adorable! I think the pumpkin pie soap and the tie cookies are my fav:)


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