Visiting Home;

September 06, 2011

 Jack is my favorite ♥ 

I went home for the first time in three weeks. Admittedly, it was strange to be back in  my home town. I hadn't been gone for even a month, but everything seemed to have shifted somehow in my absence. Maybe it was the fact that life that had continued as it always had there in my absence that had startled me. Either way, as I walked into my home I felt warmth encompass me. Something settled over me that was extremely calming. I felt like myself again. I was home.

I woke up the first morning I was back to the sounds of Jack playing in the living room. It was the most familiar sound to awake to. I opened the door, bleary eyed, and found him and my mother. His head shot up and he looked at me as if I was ghost. It was as if he was unsure if I was really there or not. "Jack-Jack!" I yelled, as I opened up my arms. His whole face lit up and his eyes went wide. I was real. He ran toward me, jumped into my outstretched arms and I didn't let go of him for two and half whole days.

I miss him and the rest of my family and cannot wait to go back home again soon.

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