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December 05, 2011

Did I mention finals are this week/next week? While I'm excited to get this week of drudgery and relentless studying/stress out of the way, pack up my things and go home to my friends and family, I'm also not excited at the same time. At college, I've created a new little home of my own. I have a warm bed with my favorite Anthropolgie comforter. I have a space in which to create and a desk that is all my own. I don't have the trappings of the past knocking on my dorm room door as I do at home. I have sorority sisters and endless boys to hold the door open for me.

I'm ready to go home for a lengthy visit, but staying there for an entire month? I might go insane. Parents, my two year old brother Jack running around, and my fragile sixty something Nana occupying my bedroom space do not sound all that appetizing. It's as if I am no longer apart of their everyday and therefore have not even an inch of space in which to call my own. Why can't I just stay at college and not go to class? That'd be a dream.

What can I say? My roommate has a fancy camera and we're bored a lot at 1 AM.

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  1. and why where you so pretty at 1 am ?!?!?!?!?! how did you do it.
    i'm such a mess at any time :S


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