Tis The Season: Holiday Gifts Pt.2;

December 03, 2011

Sorry for not being more present on the blog. The University's WiFi has been a little termpermental and we all know how that goes. Also, looming finals has been sucking up more time than I care to admit. What keeps me going? Christmas is so gosh darn close! It feels like it was just August and now it's December! Insane! Here are a few more affordable and totally lovely gift ideas so that you can spread tons of joy this holiday season! Happy browsing!

Under $10

'Oh Darling' Greeting Card (via fifiduvie) $4.50

Chevron Jotter (via WitandWhistle) $5.75

Mini 'Mix-Tape' Scrapbook Kit (via StuffKaraMade) $3.50

Leather Luggage Tag (via OfTheFountain) $8.95

Vintage Dictionary Art (via exlibris) $7

Under $20

Goodnight Moon Pillowcase (via kinshippress) $18

Starlette Sparkler Pair (via GiantDwarf) $15

I Love Prints (Find Your City/State/Country) (via LuciusArt) $18

2012 Calendar Poster (via DebbieCarlos) $19

Under $40

(Original) Red & Silver Wristlet (via Fox&Vintage) $25

Quote Poster (via MaryKateMcDevitt) $25

Holiday Mini Book (via EliseJoy) $25

Kitchen Coversions Poster (via SweetFineDay) $28

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  1. aww! thanks so much for including my wristlet in your list! :)

    I'm totally in love with those sparkly star hair clips! so cute!!


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