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March 06, 2012

You could say I'm a bit obsessed with my new turquoise Aldo Uptona Flats, and you'd be completely right. They're my most outlandish shoe purchase in recent years and I'm totally in love. Usually, I'm a pretty safe gal when it comes to shoes. I have all of the basics (black heel, brown wedge, black flat, Sperries, Toms, printed flat, tennis shoes, Chacos and 2-3 sandals) and don't usually feel it's appropriate to waste money on shoes that aren't practical for everyday life when there are better things I could be spending it on (shoes just are more of a want than a necessity to a college student). So, usually, all I can do is lust over everyone else's pretty statement shoes.

I'd been eyeing various pairs of bright candy colored shoes from Aldo, but they were all too out of my price range. "Eighty dollars for a pair of hot pink and teal flats?! C'mon!" I'd say. Then, I stumbled on to these lovelies this past weekend. They were in a style that was practical for the everyday, comfy as can be, lightweight, and only $40 (an improvement over $80)? I died. 

I almost bought the gray pair because they were the most practical neutral color, but my heart was just set on the turquoise. They were so fun and so festive, which made them instantly irresistible to me. After much debate, I just decided to just go for it. They're perfect for summer and I'm going to challenge myself to incorporate these shoes with unexpected outfits!

I'm in shoe heaven and desperately want a second pair. They come in peach, yellow, and gray

Hope you're having an excellent Tuesday!

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  1. I adore these shoes! The color is amazing.


  2. Anonymous8/08/2012

    I love mine! I got mine for $20!


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