A Mere Ship Lost at Sea

March 08, 2012

My bones ache
this journey cannot go on forever.
I am winded and time has been 
getting the better of me.
I grow more impatient 
with every step.
I can't begin to decide
where you end and I begin.
Is there such a place?
If only everything could be
pin-point on a map, matter of fact
every soul en-route to their own fate.
It feels like I sit idle,
a mere ship lost at sea.


I wrote that little gem up there a few weeks ago. Dramatic, isn't it? Well, from time to time I dabble in a bit of poetry (and by poetry, I mean active word vomit on to paper that may or may not make good sense). In high school I filled up journals with it, but ever since mid-way through my senior year, I've been less prolific. I'm making a conscious effort to try and get back to this process of word vomit. It helps me convey my feelings in a more abstract way that really is therapeutic and taps into my artsy side whether it be good or not.

On a happier note, tomorrow is Friday! Where has this week even gone? I'm not sure, but I'm kind glad it's over. We're this much closer to Spring Break! Today is a busy day for me! I have a paper due (excuse you Atlantic Revolutions), a big project due for Graphic Design (an album cover!), and a sorority commitment to attend to. As this week winds to a close, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. I'm slowly starting to put everything back together and that, in a small way, makes me feel accomplished. 

Wishing you the best!

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