Note Swap

March 29, 2012

Guess what? I'm participating in The Note Swap Project over at the the Art House Co-Op! They're known for their infinitely amazing Sketchbook Project (which I hope to do one of these days / 20 days til sign up!) and several other wildly creative projects that have me itching to participate! It's really a wonderful resource for you artsy (or even not so artsy) folks out there. Best of all? Most of their projects are totally free to participate in (like this one). This is my first time ever participating in something like this and I'm thrilled!

I feel like doing this project will be something good for my soul. It'll tap my creativity and best of all, I'll get someone else's 'note' in the mail right back at the end of this! Oh, that'll be amazing. I'm so excited to go on this little mini adventure! What will I send? A drawing? A list? A short story? A poem? I have no earthly clue and maybe that's the exciting thing about it. 

Read more about The Note Swap Project HERE and let me know if any of you are participating or have participated in an Art House Co-Op Project before! I'd love to know!

Happy Days,

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