40 Before 20;

April 28, 2012

I've had this list in the works for quite some time. Believe it or not, it took me actually a little while to figure out forty goals that I actually wanted to accomplish before the time I'm 20. I didn't want them to be mindless or overly ambitious. Instead I wanted to mix goals that were fun and others that were practical while making each and every one possible to obtain. I'll be updating this list and documenting each goal as they happen. I hope you'll follow me along in this adventure.

Bold = Completed
Italicized = In The Works
Bold Italicized = Completed, But Not Blogged About (Yet)
  1. Document my first year of college in a tangible way (Here)
  2. Unplug from technology for a solid 24 hours (phone, computer, tv mainly)
  3. Make 5 recipes from Pinterest (4/5) - Buffalo Ranch Pasta, Cinnamon Roll Cookies, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, Stuffed Chicken 
  4. Save up for 5 things I want (3/5) - arrow bracelet, flask for Maggie, 'Hello' sweatshirt
  5. Sell at least one piece of artwork (Here)
  6. Type up my best poetry
  7. Take a road trip
  8. Go without French Fries for one month (Here)
  9. Meal plan for 1 week 
  10. Get a summer job
  11. Lose twenty pounds (10/20)
  12. Complete 5 DIY projects (2/5) (one) (two)
  13. Leave a note for a stranger
  14. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  15. Maintain a 3.0 (Here)
  16. Sign a lease for my first apartment (Here)
  17. Work more with linocut/printmaking
  18. Make my own charcoal
  19. Drastically change my hairstyle (Here)
  20. Go on a date by myself (almost)
  21. Start an online shop
  22. Get a professional manicure (Here)
  23. Take photos sans make-up
  24. Design a logo for myself or have a logo designed for me
  25. Get business cards designed and printed
  26. Watch an old movie I've never seen before (Here)
  27. Make a mini book or mixed paper book
  28. Play paint twister
  29. Take photos with a beau
  30. Break a habit
  31. Do something selfless (Here)
  32. Make more videos
  33. Start a series of some sort (Here)
  34. Send five letters to people I love
  35. Interview some of my favorite bloggers for a series
  36. Volunteer somewhere 
  37. Go to the Farmer's Market (Here)
  38. Incorporate Yoga + Meditation into weekly schedule
  39. Fill up an entire sketchbook
  40. Read ten new books (8/10) - The Unabridged Journal of Syvlia Plath, Gone Girl, The Bell Jar, The Night Circus, Where Things Come Back, Crooked Letter Crooked Letter, Girls in White Dresses, & Catcher in the Rye

I was mainly inspired by the lovely Kara Haupt for her list, that I've been avidly following since it's inception. Also, this list must be completed by the date of March 22, 2013.

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