Life Lately + Update;

April 10, 2012

Sorority Formal Night! My date Brandon was awesome!

Spending some time outside the Union before class. The weather has been amazing!

Somehow there always manages to be a pair of underwear outside of the dorms after the weekend.

First snow cone of the season (wedding cake and cream)

I died and went to chair heaven

Vintage shopping with the Rooms

Caramel Apple w/ Cream

Painting always helps

Iced Latte @ the bookstore

Reclaiming some 'me' time

Lately, life hasn't been the best. I try to keep my blog space a positive one, but sometimes life isn't always pretty pictures, happy smiles, and perfection. In addition, I am open to keeping my blog space real and interjecting it with personal details in moderation.

Recently, my beau 'R' and I haven't been doing so well. Right now, we're taking a break from each other and I've been feeling exceptionally lost. I need to reclaim myself a little, remember that I am ultimately in control of my own destiny. Right now, I'm trying to reclaim my happiness and am trying to remember to do things that are just for me each and every day. I've been wearing myself out with distraction and I'm having a creative burst of energy. I've been reading, painting, sketching, cleaning, going on walks, and journaling to my heart's content.

I'm using this low point in my life to motivate me and to creatively inspire me. 

On the upside: 
  • Post Secret will be visiting my university on the 16th
  • And so will Kid Cudi on the 29th
  • I'll be signing a lease to my fall apartment soon
  • My schedule for next fall is set and wonderful
  • I got my Tabitha Emma prints in the mail and some pictures that I ordered from PostalPix

Happy Days,

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  1. Oh I'm sorry. I feel your pain, I am going through the same thing! I'm lost too, but everything will be ok, I promise.
    Glad you are getting out and doing some stuff to enjoy life! We can do it!!! :) If you ever need an ear, I'm here!

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