(snagged free pearl earrings and a free pearl ring! eep!)

Guys, in the midst of finals week, I've officially found a gem of a website to consume all of the time that I'm not studying! I haven't felt this awesome since I discovered the glorious and almighty Pinterest. This gem is a flash-sale website called SneakPeeq!

At first I was a wee bit skeptical, but after joining and exploring (and coming away with two beautiful and amazing products for free in less than thirty minutes) I was completely sold. Upon joining you receive badges that give you a free gift and one that gives you $10 off a purchase. Amazing, right?! You earn more badges as you go along! I'm smitten with a majority of the shops listed and can't believe that it's possible for me to save 60-80% on most of the products in those shops! It makes me entirely too giddy!

Join SneakPeeq Here! 

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