Brother + Sister Style Week 1

May 14, 2012

Hello everyone! I am so happy to bring to you Week 1 of my newest summer style series Brother + Sister Style! I've had this little idea brewing for awhile and it feels amazing to get the first shots up! Brother + Sister Style is a summer long style series (posted every Monday) featuring little Jack and I. We'll have a new theme each week. For example, our theme this week was Black + White, but the possibilities are truly endless! This series is a little about style, but it's more about documenting play and adventure; summer time and sibling-hood. I hope you'll join us! So without further ado...

When considering our theme this week, we wanted to go with something simple. Well, rather, I did. Firstly, I didn't want to over complicate this project from the get-go. Secondly, do you know how complicated it is to get a 2, almost 3, year old dressed in a stylish manner without them throwing a fit or soiling their entire outfits? Lastly, it was hot and we both wanted to be breezy and really comfortable, hence the minimal accessories and lack of shoes! Haha.

We had a marvelous little day together snapping pictures. Jack loves being in front of, behind, and all around the camera so when I told him what today held, he was overjoyed. He loved striking crazy poses, running around, jumping, and holding sissy's hand. I love how happy these little things make him!

On the style front, I wore a graphic-patterned black and white stretchy BCBG dress perfect for summer with just a small peak of a black lace aerie bra (b/c it's backless). Jack chose (and I'm not kidding...he's very particular about what he wears) a black and white striped Polo with prim and proper khakis. We were a clashing, perfect black and white duo today!

Thanks for reading!

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